May 292013

Full question: Why is God so cryptic in his scriptures? Could’nt he make it more easy on everyone to believe in Him, by just by putting words in his scriptures that  give all the answers to all our problems, and that even exactly foretell events with names and places.  Then it would be impossible for anyone to reject belief in God or to argue over any matter.

Yes, I also get the feeling that God is sometimes cryptic in the scriptures, but not always.  For example, as far as the story of Joseph is concerned, very little uncertainty remains.  The whole story is told to us loud and clear in the scriptures.  Not so with Jesus though.  The events and circumstances of Jesus’ death are still disputed and shrouded in much mystery.  Even Christians have to dig especially hard to find scriptural narratives that really, in an unambiguous way tell the story of the last days of Jesus on earth.  If you compare the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, it shows up much differences in the events prior to, and immediately after the crucifixion.  To make the story worse, the disciples deserted Jesus at the time of his arrest, leaving it to unbelievers and enemies to capture the events first hand.

Now to get to the question.  Crystal clear scriptures that foretell every event and answer every question would remove the gift of free will, and mental exertion from us.  When you want your child to be good at mathematics, you don’t show him the solution to each and every problem.  This would in no way develop his mathematical abilities.  What you rather do is to coach him by offering clues and methods, and then leave him to gain the satisfaction of striving and perhaps finding the solution.  In that way, he will be much more skilled at solving problems.  Mankind is the same.  By leaving a measure of ambiguity, we are given the opportunity by God to, through research, debating, reasoning any other form of mental effort, try to approximate the real truth.  Mankind therefore, even if we experience some distress in the short term, must rejoice that our long term condition is enhanced by our constant efforts to discover more and more truth everyday on our own.

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