Jun 152013

If we make the assumption that God is a myth and a figment in the minds of men and women, then we need to ask some hard questions, which will yield some scary answers.

So, question 1: If there is no divine and eternal God and laws, who then says what’s right and what’s wrong?
Answer: The government.

Question 2: Who tells the government what’s right and wrong?
Answer: We, the people.

Question 3: So I say what’s right and wrong?
Answer: Yes, as long as it conforms generally to what others say is right or wrong.

Question 4: You mean my wishes are subject to the wishes of the rest of society?
Answer: No, not really, it just means that what you wish for is not allowed to harm or encroach on anyone else’s wish.

Question 5: Who decides when my wishes have the effect of encroaching on someone else?
Answer: The court, which is made up of independent wise men and women.

Question 6: So the court is pretty much in control?
Answer: No, you can challenge the court.

Question 7: Really?
Answer: Yes, as long as you can afford the costs of doing so.

Question 8: So if I can afford it, I can challenge and reverse a court decision?
Answer: Yes, unless, someone else challenges the court’s decision, and can afford to overturn your position.

Question: So a court decision can be challenged forever and ever?
Answer: No, only for as long as both parties have the money to do so.

Question: So whoever runs out of cash first looses?
Answer: In practice that’s the case yes.

Question: So the richest guy really wins the court battle?
Answer: In practice, yes.

Question: That means the richest guy gets to say what’s in everyone’s best interest?
Answer: Yep, can’t argue with that.

Question: That means the richest guy says what’s wrong or right?
Answer: Looks that way.

Question: That means the richest guy is in charge?
Answer: MMM

Question: Are the richest guys in your society fair and just at least? Are they concerned or compassionate about those who are poorer?
Answer: They say they are.

Question: Does it look like they care ?
Answer: Well look around you, and watch the news, and see for yourself.

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