Jun 192013

A god that does nothing to ease our difficult way through this world is an uncaring god. But where can we find the grace and solace of God when we are in difficulty? Every day, we face hundreds of decisions and every so now and then we face a challenge that completely disturbs our soul’s natural balance. Is God prepared to sense my burden and sympathize; possibly even intervene? I sought the face of God through all my difficulties, and found him sadly absent, until now. But it was not a magical spiritual sensation that I sensed Him with. It was not a magnificent and magic vision, and nor was it through the eyes of a saintly person.

God lives, and manifests His will, His guidance, His solace and His comfort every day, every moment, throughout history to each of us, through a divine gift we all receive at birth. A gift so powerful that we, collectively as humanity, by applying this gift, have manifested magnificent grandeur in our collective and individual existences.

The MIND of man, is the very intervention of God!  The seat of intellect, consciousness and free will.  Though a few pounds in weight, and unimpressive when looked at, the brain of man is the most complex structure in the entire universe.  It remains unfathomably powerful and far beyond any scientific explanation still.  The mind remains the most unique attribute of any created or evolved life form.

In our own precious mind, lies the answer to almost every challenge. No angel and no saint is needed. When we sincerely apply our mind, individually and collectively to the challenges that faces us, we summon and invoke the very power of God!

Why does it then not happen? Why do we then still fail so often. The obstacles to the supremacy of pure intellect, are the base, retrogressive effects of our ego. When Ego trumps Mind, we are left without the precious intervention of God.

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