Jul 102013

Islam as an idea cannot be conflated with Muslims as adherents of the idea. Let me offer an example. In 1940 France was invaded and conquered by Germany. For the next four years, a French state was declared which has become known as the Vichy Regime. The Vichy Regime was the very antithesis of what it meant to be French. The members of the Vichy regime were cowards and collaborators with Nazism. No Frenchman today is proud of this shameful expression of “Frenchness” which the Vichy Regime represented.
Now to come to Islam. Islam is an idea that, at its heart promotes human freedom from bondage to anything but God, which is as absolute as you can define freedom. For if you define freedom as anything BUT God-given, then you reduce the sublimity of the concept. Muslims, on the other hand are a conquered people, and have been a conquered people since Napoleon first marched on the Pyramids in 1799, followed by Britain, and culminating in the carving up of the Ottoman Empire in 1919. As a conquered people, Muslims do not express Islam, any more than a caged bird expresses the beauty of flying.
Now the big mistake that Muslim apologists make when debating with members of the conquering fraternity, is to apologise for the wretched state of Islam, by justifying the wretchedness. The number one problem that precedes all debating issues is, how to free the Muslim peoples of the world. Muslim peoples are militarily subjugated by the West, with the help of local chieftains, such as the Saud family. The Muslim mind is subjugated by the scholars in service of these Chieftains. The likes of the squint minded Grand Priest Bin Baas of Saudi are a prime example of this intellectual rape of the collective Muslim mind. Not only are Muslims conquered, but they fight each other for the crumbs that fall of the table of the conqueror. So desperate is the state of Muslims, that, when a piece of earth is liberated, they delight in pleasing the conqueror through attacking those with the audacity to be free. Iran is an example of this. Even in Iran, is there a greedy priestly class of Akhunds that are standing by to take Iran back from its brief moment of freedom it has enjoyed since 1979.
Judging Islam by the state of Muslims today would be like judging the French as a nation under the Vichy Regime. No amount of apologising can make the rottenness seem nice.

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