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The fundamental belief within the Christian worldview is that the Almighty Creator of the universe become manifest in the form of Jesus Christ. For a brief moment the Almighty Creator, embodied in human form took on the burden of every human being from the beginning of creation to the end to demonstrate his divine solidarity with mankind.  According to Christianity the essence of God is love, and God so loved the world that he was prepared to undergo the humiliation of crucifixion in order to take on the sins of the entire world. Christians do not see God as a cold and bureaucratic taskmaster, but rather as a forgiving and overlooking father figure. For Christians, love drives virtue. There is no further need for a set of divinely imposed laws on mankind, as long as mankind follows the one simple precept: “to desire and love for your brother what you desire for yourself”.  The concept of the Trinity in Christianity is mystical, and there is no need or desire for Christians to, in a rigourous and rational way, explain the concept. The general meaning of the concept of the Trinity is that God the Father, i.e. the supreme timeless Creator of the universe exists co-eternally with the son, who became mortal man for a brief moment in history and the holy spirit, who, until the end of time is able to exercise an influence and guidance on those who confess faith in the holy Trinity.


I question whether Judaism really refers to a religion or should not rather be seen as a “nation in covenant with God”.  The ancient name for followers of Judaism is the people of Israel or the children of Israel or the Israelites; Israel being the name of the biblical prophet Jacob.  The core belief of the Israelites is belief in divine unity and the implementation of the divine law in society called the Mosaic law.  All that is good and beneficial to mankind is vested with in the righteous nation, who holds the responsibility of dispensing goodness and virtue to the rest of humanity.  God, as the creator of the entire universe is seen as a strict and clinical dispenser of justice. The elements of mercy, love and kindness are there, but are somehow eclipsed by the Justice of God.  A long series of prophets was sent by God Almighty to guide the nation, and to ensure that the nation could serve as a model to other nations.


Islam is based on the absolute unity and uniqueness of God, the creator of the universe. The creator intervenes with in history by appointing inspired men and women as prophets. These inspired men and women are receivers of divine inspiration, which serves as guides to the recognition of God Almighty. The prophets also establish a code of conduct as enjoined by God Almighty that will ensure a sound existence on earth. The final of these prophets was the Prophet Mohammed, who left a timeless sermon from God in the form of the holy Quran to guide mankind until the end of time. The holy Quran is seen as possessing guidance for every possible major challenge that may face mankind until the end of time.

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