Apr 252014

By Joseph Islam

Many Muslims, as is often the case with followers of other religions, follow the practices and rituals of their forefathers without critical examination. Many inherit the scriptures of their forefathers, along with their beliefs whether it be from Abrahamic faiths such as the Bible and the Quran or others such as the Gita or the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (etc).

Many follow their scriptures as ultimate truth, often with their ‘learned’ interpreting the scripture for them. In the end, the adoption of practices and rituals become a function simply of what household one is born in and what has been taught by their forefathers or preached by their community religious leaders.

The Quran dispenses with blind following. It admonishes humans for not using their mind, their intellect and reason. Such faculties are not granted without purpose.  They have inherent intent which includes the use of reason to arrive at some sort of certainty of truth, even though, it may run against the grain of what one has been taught by their forefathers since childhood.


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