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May God Almighty guide and forgive those who continue to cling to these fallacies, which in some cases constitute Shirk (partner ascribing to God).  Indeed, if one should search the Holy Quran, you will confirm with absolute certainty that all of what I have listed below are utter myths and fallacies…

  1. The infallibility and 100% reliability of all the companions of the Prophet
  2. The Prophet instructed the performance of the prayers of ease (Taraaweeh), collectively in communion during the month of fasting
  3. Only people calling themselves Muslims can enter paradise
  4. The regular daily prayers, whilst enjoined as one of the highest acts of devotion in the holy Quran, was technically engineered and conveyed in detail by the Prophet, Mohammed
  5. A final savior, called the Mahdi is currently alive, and more than 1000 years old
  6. Islam and all its religious rituals such as the regular prayers and the prescribe charity, in its present form, were introduced to the world by the Prophet Mohammed, and not by all the prophets before him
  7. A believer is required to imitate a middleman blindly that serves as an intermediary between him and God
  8. The prophets, imams or saints are given powers beyond ordinary human capabilities, and are able to see beyond what ordinary men and women can see
  9. The Crescent Moon and star emblem is the symbol of Islam
  10. Minarets and domes were features of the mosques constructed by the Prophet
  11. Ritual ablution can be performed by using a running tap and wasting 90% of the water that is used for ablution
  12. Blind belief and worship is preferable to worship born out of contemplation and reflection
  13. God will not leave humanity without an Imam for one minute, justifying the existence of the guided one (Mahdi) in the occult
  14. The Prophet Mohammed was chosen above all other prophets
  15. All narrations contained in the authentic six books, especially the narrations compiled by Bukhari are to be implemented by the believer as if they were the very words of God
  16. The only way that the Quran can be understood is by listening and adopting the interpretation of the clergy, the imams and the sheikhs amongst whom the Quran interpreters are to be found.
  17. When an ordinary man or woman attempts to understand the Quran, he or she will be misguided
  18. A narration narrated by an ordinary person and described to the Prophet, can override an injunction from the holy Quran
  19. After the death of the Prophet, if two companions fought and killed each other, both of them will enter paradise.  The one who was right will receive two rewards, while the one who was wrong will receive only one reward from God Almighty.
  20. Women are not to be allowed in the mosques
  21. Women are supposed to be unseen to men in the mosque, and need to occupy the top floor if the mosque has more than one level
  22. There needs to be a barrier erected between men and women in the mosque
  23. It is permissible to trade without possessing a commodity with intrinsic value, such as gold or silver coins
  24. The sharia law as devised by the holy scholars represents the exact will of God Almighty
  25. Killing or excommunication of a believer is permissible when such a believer does not follow the sharia laws devised by the “holy” scholars
  26. Regular ritual prayers should preferably be performed on a beautifully woven carpet
  27. Prostration during ritual players should be made on a clay tablet in obedience to the Prophet
  28. The old and new Testaments of the Bible contain some fabrications, and can therefore not be followed, but, although the narrations of the Prophet in all the books of hadith contain some fabrications, they should be followed as though they were the word of God
  29. The dead will be punished in the graves
  30. Muslims must obey the leader even if the leader disobeys God and the Prophet
  31. War is permitted against those who refused to embrace Islam, and they can be killed
  32. All actions of a man or a woman, including their evil actions, are the acts of God
  33. The holy Quran states that the punishment for the adulterer or adulterous is stoning to death
  34. The holy Quran states that the entire body of a female must be covered, and that she must be unseen to any other strange man
  35. Meat with the exception of pork, slaughtered by a Christian or a Jew is not permissible for consumption by a Muslim
  36. Certain foods from the sea are not permissible for consumption by a Muslim
  37. The wives and children of all the prophets are perfectly virtuous and in good favour with God Almighty
  38. The Prophet instructed his companions to write down his sayings
  39. The holy Quran needs the holy companions and the holy scholars to preserve it, and God alone is not capable of preserving it
  40. If a man commits foul act, but with a good intention, then it will be accepted by God from him as a good act
  41. The holy Prophet had foreknowledge of who all would enter paradise and hell
  42. The ideal Muslim society, is an autocracy where orders are given from above, and in the absence of participation of the members of society
  43. Logical and rational reasoning cannot override a majority opinion of the holy scholars
  44. Injuring or killing innocent people within a war context is permissible and such innocents will simply go to paradise
  45. One is permitted to lie and deceive if your cause is just
  46. One is permitted to break an oath or an agreement if these were made with a nonbeliever
  47. Cleanliness only pertains to those laws devised by the holy scholars in the sharia, and does not include other norms of cleanliness devised by non-Muslim authorities, such as public pollution, littering and public hygiene.
  48. Women hold a lower spiritual station than men
  49. Islam is silent on who should be qualified to lead the community, and the most competent, qualified and virtuous person does not necessarily have to lead the community
  50. A person who believes in one God and in the message of all the prophets, but would does not believe in the instructions of the companions and the holy scholars is not a Muslim
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