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This list is not exhaustive, and  comes only from my own consulting of the Holy Scriptures…

  1. Recognition of God as the sole supreme Creator through regular worship and veneration
  2. Recognition of a supernatural realm beyond the natural world, where the will of God is executed by fully compliant and obedient sentient beings (angels)
  3. Recognition of the achievements and message of past champions of God on earth (prophets)
  4. Recognition and compliance with the authentically preserved scriptures left by past champions of God (Holy Texts)
  5. Respect for the sacredness of human life including one’s own
  6. Compassion in general to fellow human beings
  7. Sharing one’s good fortune through earnings and accomplishments with those in need
  8. Celebrating the ancient heroism of Hajar, Abraham and Ishmael through a pilgrimage to their historical place of living
  9. Developing self-restraint and moral fortitude through the fasting of the month of Ramadan.
  10. Respecting the property and rights of a defenseless orphan
  11. Respecting treaties and agreements made with anyone else, as long as they keep their end of the agreement
  12. Respecting through loving care one’s parents especially in their old age
  13. Maintaining and nurturing one’s fraternal relationships
  14. Conducting trade and business and other social practices with justice and fairness
  15. Maintaining personal cleanliness and good hygiene
  16. Maintaining a healthy balance in satisfying one’s own physiological needs
  17. Making peace between warring rivals, but joining forces with the oppressed should oppression persist
  18. Reflecting and pondering constructively on the beauty and magnificence of God’s creation
  19. Increasing knowledge and understanding for greater excellence
  20. Consuming only that which is healthy and wholesome
  21. Being firm to establish justice, even at a cost to oneself or those dear to one
  22. Speaking truth as a rule
  23. Expending mental and physical effort towards pursuing a livelihood
  24. Exerting  every effort to defend oneself and the innocent from attack by an aggressor
  25. Intellectually engaging others with logic and sound reasoning in an effort to establish or refine truth
  26. Protecting the rights, persons and property of women
  27. Leaving a final will and testament that will ensure an equitable division of one’s wealth
  28. Reflecting on history and benefitting from the experience of nations of old
  29. Cementing one’s commitment to women by providing women with financial guarantees at the time of marriage through the dowry
  30. To announce truth when it is discovered and to expose error when it is known
  31. Maintaining kindness and solidarity with one’s fellow human beings and standing firm against those who transgress and abandon common good values and morals
  32. Maintaining good sexual ethics that adds dignity to oneself, one’s sexual partners and those potentially that may emanate from such unions
  33. Perseverance in the face of hardship
  34. Maintaining a positive outlook in life and maintaining good hope always
  35. Mutually co-operating with others in any affair that benefits humanity
  36. Maintaining and protecting natural resources for the benefit of posterity
  37. Kindness and mercy to other life forms
  38. Entrusting those with the greatest Godliness, knowledge, fairness and braveness with leadership
  39. Loyalty and support for those within whom legal authority has been vested, as long as they loyally and faithfully uphold the authority of God
  40. Conducting all business with complete honesty through accurate measuring of all traded commodities and services
  41. Recording agreements in writing with witnesses so as to ensure their fair implementation
  42. Pursuit of happiness in the physical world within the parameters of the common good of all
  43. Travelling throughout the world and learning from other nations
  44. Freeing those caught in the clutches of injustice and oppression
  45. Restraining criminals and safeguarding society through rendering criminals unable to continue to cause harm
  46. Managing and utilizing time effectively
  47. Providing loving care to all one’s children, and guiding them towards the good
  48. Forgiving the debt of one in financial hardship as a result of misfortune
  49. Taking into account evidence and proof in contemplating the guilt of an accused person
  50. Recognition of a coming final day of supreme reckoning by God almighty for each human being, which will follow the resurrection of all mankind
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