Apr 272014

This list is not exhaustive, and  comes only from my own consulting of the Holy Scriptures…

  1. Recognizing and paying homage to any rival authority that interferes with the supreme authority and deity of God Almighty
  2. Murder
  3. Falsely accusing a woman of adultery
  4. Engaging in occultism and magic
  5. Exacting interest and usury
  6. Slander and scandal mongering
  7. Fleeing in the midst of battle from cowardice
  8. Celebrating ignorance
  9. Indiscriminately copying the behavior of one’s forefathers or others
  10. Putting up with oppression and injustice
  11. Stealing
  12. Deception and lying
  13. Distorting or repudiating the truth
  14. Distorting God’s Holy Scriptures
  15. Repudiating or overriding God’s Holy Scriptures
  16. Placing a free human being in bondage unjustly
  17. Miserliness
  18. Greed
  19. Crookedness in measuring merchandise and services sold
  20. Backbiting and gossiping
  21. Causing harm or pain to others or oneself unnecessarily
  22. Supporting an oppressor
  23. Supporting an unjust cause or promoting injustice in even in a small way
  24. Neglecting personal or public hygiene
  25. Abandoning one’s parents in their old age
  26. Indifference in the face of injustice and oppression
  27. Indifference to the plight of the needy
  28. Casual and indiscriminate sex
  29. Fermenting discord between people
  30. Losing hope
  31. Artificially limiting access to any natural resource
  32. Hoarding and creating an artificial shortage of a commodity
  33. Using people’s indebtedness to you to exact favors from them
  34. Preying on the weak and the desperate
  35. Severing fraternal ties
  36. Consuming pork or carrion
  37. Intoxication
  38. Destroying the natural environment
  39. Cruelty to other living creatures
  40. Failing to defend oneself when under attack
  41. Endangering the lives and property of oneself or others
  42. Excessive consumption in the fulfilling of one’s biological needs
  43. Failing to establish regular worship and veneration of God Almighty
  44. Failing to share a portion one’s wealth with the poor and needy
  45. Gambling
  46. Pursuing a purely nationalistic, chauvinistic or tribal cause
  47. Withholding the rights accruing to another
  48. Embezzling or mismanaging the property of an orphan
  49. Trading in harmful, worthless or non-beneficial merchandise including artificial paper currency
  50. Paying interest
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