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What Happened to Jesus Christ?

All three major Abrahamic traditions offer conflicting versions of the story of Jesus Christ’s final days on this earth.

Christian Belief…

Christians hold the view that Jesus was the miraculously conceived son of Mary, who commenced a mission of calling to the worship of God, the Father, upon which he found grave opposition from the existing Jewish religious authorities, eventually to be crucified under their instigation by the Roman political authorities.  Finally, Christians hold, Jesus was miraculously resurrected by God, the Father on the third day after his crucifixion.  The Christian worldview places the death by crucifixion, and Jesus’ resurrection from death at the very centre.  Jesus’ sacrificial death and miraculous coming back to life are the proofs of God’s love for humanity and the proof of Jesus’ deity.  God exists in three persons, God the son, The Holy Spirit and God the Father.

Jewish Belief

Jews hold that there is nothing miraculous about Jesus or his mother Mary.  According to Jewish understanding, Jesus was the illigitimately begotten son of Mary. Mary concocted the miraculous conception to avoid the harsh punishment for bearing a child out of wedlock.  Jesus himself, according to Jewish understanding, started out perhaps as a sincere person (however not annointed) but did however go on to blaspheme Jewish law by announcing himself as a deity.  He was therefore deserving of the death sentence he eventually received on the cross.  The stories about his resurrection, according to Judaism, are all fabricated, or at best hallucinations.  The claims of Christians that Jesus has deity status is a highly objectionable corruption of Jewish monotheism, and the claim that “God died” is illogical and blasphemous.

The Quran’s Version

The Quran presents the following facts around the life of Jesus: Jesus was miraculously conceived by the virgin Mary, in accordance with the instructions of God.  The Archangel Gabriel, called “The Spirit of God” at various places in the Holy Quran, carried out this immensely improbable and anomalous natural phenomenon.  Jesus was an Annointed (Designated One / Awaited One ) of God, and commenced a ministry, calling for the equality of all people in front of one supreme God, at an early age. He experienced serious opposition from the Jewish priests when he successfully developed a strong following around him.  Their opposition led to their charging Jesus with high treason, and his eventual sentencing to death by crucifixion.  Jesus survived the attempted death by crucifixion. The reported appearances  of Jesus following the attempt on his life were real, and not hallucinations.  Jesus was “Raised up to God” eventually, which can be interpreted as having died eventually of natural causes or as having been miraculously ascended to heaven.

Further Thinking on the Topic

Is the Trinity belief complete nonsense? Perhaps not.  The Trinity, proposed by Christians, I believe can be explained in a different way.  The Trinity should not be referred to as the essence of God, but rather as the “Means of Intervention” of God.  God intervenes by summoning or combining three:  Firstly: His own Will (God), Secondly: His chosen Earthly agent (Jesus), and thirdly the Strenghthener or Force (The Holy Spirit.)   Lets use a present-day analogy:  A modern “Government” can be regarded as a trinity with Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches.  We all agree however that the Legislative branch is where power really lies.  The other two branches are subordinate to the One.  Lets take the analogy further: God the Father is the all-powerful.  Jesus, the Son, is the implementor or executive authority while the Holy Spirit (In the Quran the same as Angel Gabriel) is the enforcer of the Laws, through consequencialism.

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