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Part 1 of what will be several parts Insha Allah

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Imran N. Hosein

Our Iranian hosts planned very well indeed for this Second International Conference of Independent Thinkers and Film Producers that was held in Teheran from September 29th to October 1st 2014, and was devoted to the application of independent thought to critically important problems now facing mankind.

The greatest problem of all to which attention was directed was the multi-dimensional oppression of both Israel and the Zionist part of modern western civilization over all of mankind, but over the Palestinians in particular.

The Iranians succeeded in attracting to the conference a galaxy of gifted thinkers belonging not only to different religions (there were two Christian Ministers of Religion present), and with specialization in different disciplines, but also many whose defiant scholarship and courageous investigative journalism had already won international acclaim.

I was reminded again and again during the stimulating and, at times, exciting discussions in the conference that Allah Most High had sent down the blessed Qur’an li qawmin yatafakkaroon (to people who think, – i.e., who think things out) and this was indeed a conference of independent thinkers who had the integrity to think things out without regard for consequences; – what a blessed gathering!

But I was also dazzled by the courage displayed, especially by those participants who were based in North America, Britain and Western Europe, some of whom were distinguished university professors, who defied their own oppressive Zionist-controlled governments and demonizing information media to travel to Iran to attend a conference that was certain to be denounced back home as a gathering of ‘terrorists’. The Zionist world-system seems no longer capable of responding to any anti-systemic challenge to their relentless oppression and bogus claim to truth, other than by beating the drums of “terrorism” ad nauseam.These were not only gifted thinkers, but also models of courage, whose heroic defiance of the oppressor should inspire the rest of the world.

It was also heart-warming for me, a Sunni Muslim, to witness the courage of our Iranian hosts who also defied the Western Zionist oppressors in reaching out to not only invite, but to successfully persuade this galaxy of scholars, journalists, political analysts and activists to attend their conference in Teheran.

The Iranian organizers worked tirelessly, and with the charm of a people who have learnt to show patience with a smile, to steer the difficult and challenging conference to a successful conclusion with narry an incident. Special mention must be made of the live-wire Hamed Ghashghavi, who could never find time to have a complete meal during the conference, and Arash Darya-Bandari who displayed commendable management skills as moderator of sometimes difficult conference sessions.

Even without the insight provided by Islamic Eschatology through which we could recognize that the world is now located at the brink of a pit of nuclear fire, the organizers could discern the importance of bringing critical thinkers together at this time to ponder over critically important issues affecting the very fate of mankind, and, more importantly, ensuring that they had unfettered freedom to express themselves on those issues. For that reason more than any other, our Iranian hosts must be complimented for organizing this historic conference which, perhaps, could not have taken place anywhere else in the contemporary Muslim world, nor in most of the rest of the world.

I am absolutely certain that the Zionist world is going to plot with every conceivable form of cunning, to try to prevent this conference from ever taking place again in Iran – with the confidence that if it does not take place in Iran, it can hardly be held anywhere else except, perhaps, Algeria. I will be pleasantly surprised if the Conference is repeated in 2015. The brief period of time which now remains before nuclear war takes place is too critically important for the Zionists, and the threat posed by the Conference of Independent Thinkers is too great, hence the government of Iran will face the greatest of all pressures to prevent the Conference from taking place next year.

Iranian nationalism – Shia sectarianism

It is very important that we enter into the record our observation that the conference made no attempt whatsoever to promote either an Iranian national, or a Shia sectarian agenda.

I remained amazed, for example, that no one objected, and no one (including our Iranian hosts) showed any annoyance over my bold statement, repeated twice in the conference, that “the Iranian Rial, the Pakistani Rupee, the US dollar were all bogus, fraudulent and utterly Haram, and that we should be striving to restore money with integrity i.e., the gold Dinar and silver Dirham.” But I was also painfully aware that these views of mine were perhaps ahead of time – even in Iran – and that many of our thinkers had not as yet been adequately introduced to an Islamic eschatological analysis of the current Zionist-constructed fraudulent monetary system.

Not only did the Conference not promote any Shia sectarian agenda but, rather, I could hardly discern anything in the Conference that could possibly be linked to Shia Islam or to the Shia-Sunni divide in the world of Islam.

Rather, the record should indicate my view that the Iranian Shia organizers of the Conference remain clearly inspired by the matchless courage of Imam Husain (‘alaihi al-Salaam), the heroic grandson of Prophet Muhammad (sallalahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), who defied the forces of oppression in that epic encounter on the battle-field of Karbala. I startled the Conference Chairman with my remark that Karbala witnessed the last manifestation of the pure revolutionary faith of Islam. I also believe that the blood-stained sands of Karbala are destined to unite Shia and Sunni in a common stand against oppression. In this context therefore, the Conference of Independent Thinkers must be recognized to possess the potential of uniting Shia and Sunni Islamic scholarship in a common struggle for victory of truth and justice over the Great Satan’s falsehood and tyranny

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