Jul 082015

Propaganda 101

What I‘ve learnt by just watching Al Jazeera and mainstream news channels in the past 10 years.

If our friends drop bombs on people, say:
“They conducted airstrikes against rebel / terrorist targets.”

If our enemy drops bombs on people, say:
“They dropped bombs on unarmed / innocent civilians / people”

If our enemies suffer civilian casualties say:
“Civilians died after getting caught up in the crossfire”

If our friends suffer civilian casualties, say:
“Unarmed civilians were killed by …”

If a small percentage support our idea, say:
“Numerous / Many / a number of / several people support the idea.”

If a small percentage support our enemy‘s idea, say:
“A minority / splinter group / rogue elements / fringe support the idea”

If our enemy is ousted from power, say

Lastly, if a people catch on to our scheme, choose any of the following labels to neutralise the problem:

Its a conspiracy theory
Its Iranian instigated
Its Russian instigated
Its anti semitic

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