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The 11th of September 2001, in my view represents a seminal event that may shape history over the next few centuries.  Why, you may ask?  After all, Word Wars 1 and 2 collectively resulted in far greater losses of life, numbering in the tens of millions.  The atomic attacks by the US on Japan alone account for the deaths of 50 times more innocent civilians than died in 911.

The importance however of 911 for me lies in its potential to undo the until-now tight alliance between Western money-power and Western military power.  Let me explain what I mean by these:  Western money-power, as manifested currently in the integrated global banking system, dates back to around 1800 when the major banking families of Europe laid the foundations of what we experience today as the global financial system.  Western military power, in my view, dates back to the conference at Vienna around 1815, when Europe (and the world) became subordinate to Anglo-Saxon power.  America today is the face of Anglo-Saxon power, having taken the mantle of the world’s greatest military power from Britain after World War 2.  World Wars 1 and 2 were conflicts that shifted power within the Western frame of reference without ever threatening the alliance between banking money power and Anglo-Saxon military power.  911 May just change this.  But how?

Before I get there, let me digress a little. Banking has been around for centuries.  The banking of our times is primarily occupied with money-lending.  Some of you may naively assume that a bank’s primary function is to keep your savings in trust.  You may further assume that they make extra money by lending out your savings to others, who pay interest to the bank, from which they then profit. Wrong.  There is one problem with your assumption, namely what would banks do if they had insufficient cash in trust from people?  This problem is solved as follows.  Banks actually themselves have the right, by law, in most countries, to lend out ten times the amount they hold in trust from people’s savings.  If they hold one million dollars in deposits from the public, for example, they are authorised to lend out ten million dollars in loans.  The shortfall in cash is provided by an institution that prints the currency in your country, called the Central Bank or the Federal Reserve. The banks then pay this institution a fee for borrowing from it. But wait a minute! Who owns the Reserve Bank or the Central Bank in your country?  The likelihood is that the very banks that borrow from this reserve are the share-holders of the Federal Reserve or Reserve Bank.  Only a handful of countries’ central banks are owned by the state.  That means that banks actually print money, and lend it to themselves!  Even the government must pay the bank interest when borrowing from it.  This they do by printing promissory notes called government bonds, which they exchange with the central bank for cash now, in return for a higher repayment in time to come.

The banks as money-lenders is a phenomenon that is age-old. Every few centuries however, the debt burden becomes so heavy on governments and society, that a revolt takes place. The yoke of the bankers is then overthrown, sometimes in a violent and cruel way.  All those classes and groups associated with the money-lenders are also violently expelled in the process.  The Jewish community is known to have been the foremost money-lenders in Europe for many, many centuries. In the year 1290, a violent English uprising took place against Jews, who were the primary money-lenders in England then.  The violent attacks resulted in much loss of life and the expulsion of the Jews from England under the reign of King Edward I.     In fairness to Jews, the catholic church often tacitly encouraged them to practice money-lending as Christians frowned upon the practice as anti-Christian.  Oliver Cromwell eventually re-opened England for Jews and their money-lending practices in 1656.  Fast forward 280 years and we find the same expulsion of Jews as the biggest banking power in Germany.  This time it was Hitler who saw in Jewish money power a threat to the German people’s success and prosperity.  Germany was defeated in 1945 as we all know, and the bankers’ power restored.  You can go back even further in history and find the same story repeated.  Even Jesus Christ in about 30 AD expelled the money-lenders from the holy temple in Jerusalem.  Sadly, that act caused a bad result for the Holy Christ also.

Back in our times now, the bankers have reached the pinnacle of their power.  It is said that banks collectively have indebted the present population on earth to the tune of three hundred trillion dollars!  When I say banks, I mean the money lenders, the central banks, the World Bank and other global money lenders.  Every person on earth pays interest to the banks.  Even a poor, unemployed person in Africa pays interest to the bank. How?  Let’s say the South African government owes money to the World Bank (which it does.) The South African government raises taxes from its population to repay the interest to the World Bank.  These taxes are collected from ordinary poor folks in the form of sales tax, income tax and import duties, which the state levies on all South Africans.  For your information, the United States owes the banks in the region of 18 trillion dollars. This money will have to be repaid to the banks by Americans today and Americans that are yet to be born!

Let’s move the discussion on.  We all know who the Anglo-Saxons are.  We all know what their religious ethos is.  As a reminder, the Anglo-Saxon world is founded on a Christian world view, which underwent dramatic reform during the period of the enlightenment (1600’s to 1800’s.)  Western States, during this period neutralized Christianity as a political force, reducing it to the realm of moral conscience. The state itself became secular and even anti-Christian during the Enlightenment.  What is the religion of the bankers?  The declared religion of the most powerful bankers in the world was then, as it is now, Judaism, and especially the Zionist strand of Judaism.  Let me explain:  In 1917, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Arthur James Balfour sent a declarative letter to 2nd Baron Rothchild, a leader of the Jewish community and hailing from the most powerful banking family.  The letter promised Jews that Britain would yield to their demands for a homeland in Palestine.  In return, the powerful Jewish banking money power under Rothchild and others in the West promised all sorts of support to the British war effort against Germany at the time. This moment represents a renewal of the alliance between Anglo-Saxon military power and Jewish banking power.

In 1948, Balfour’s promise was kept when the West recognised Israel officially as a Jewish state, on the land of Palestine. There is therefore, until today, a clear connection between global banking power and the state of Israel.    Israel achieved holy cow status because of global Jewry’s support to the Anglo-Saxon world.  The persecution (and killing) of Jews in Germany became a global object of profound sympathy and regret under the trade mark of the Jewish Holocaust.  The years from 1948 until the nineties represent the golden age of Israel and Jewish banking power.

The yoke of increased taxation, poorer living standards and the threat of Western jobs moving to third world countries disturbed the relative contentment in Western countries by the nineties.  Consumerism had also peaked, and new avenues for banks to create new income streams became necessary.  When the Eastern Communist Block fell, the West was expecting a peace dividend, after years of cold war with the Eastern Block.  A new distraction was needed to occupy the wandering mind of the Westerner.  The bankers identified a fear of Islam as a new theme on which to base new extortion opportunities.  Overnight, Muslims’ image changed from the romantic Arabian Nights to the violent terrorist.  The founding of Israel itself was a provocation of Arabs in 1948, but by the 1980’s most Arab counties were at peace with Israel.  The 1980s and the 1990s saw renewed provocation by Israel of Arabs and Muslims through the massacres of Palestinians and invasions of neighboring Arab countries.  This continues to today.  The Western Anglo-Saxon – Zionist Banking alliance remained firm throughout this time.

Which brings us finally to 911 in 2001.  Israel needed the West to defend it from the Arab threat.  Zionist Bankers needed the West as a continuous source of profits and interest, and also as a continued protector globally.  It was difficult to sustain this position, especially as the memory of Word War 2 and the Holocaust started waning with the passing of that generation.  American loss of life in the Muslim lands though the 1980s and 90s weakened the US’s resolve to fight for Israel.  An event of biblical proportions, implanted in the Western psyche was needed to renew the alliance and additionally create a new source of war profits and interest payments.  An event no less than the destruction of key symbols of the West would be needed.  A good deal of loss of life had to accompany the event. 911 was the ultimate ‘abracadabra’ event for Zionism and global money power.

Why then does 911 truth threaten the Anglo-Saxon-Zionist or put differently, the global military and financial power alliance?  After all, financial power is useless without a military guarantor.  Imagine if people and states simply refuse to pay the three hundred trillion they owe the banks. 911 Is a real threat for the following reason.  By conceiving of and engineering 911, Israel (symbol of Zionism) may have overstretched their chutzpah or hubris.  In attacking these Western symbols on 911 and simply blaming it on Islam, they may have miscalculated the naiveté of ordinary Westerners.  The power of the Truth Movement in the West, questioning the official version of events of 911 is growing by the day.  What if the secret comes out? There is no doubt that 911 Truth carries the potential of severing the Western alliance with Israel and Zionism in general. It may even result in the biggest pogrom that the world has seen in centuries.  A break in the alliance will see the world back to the pre-1656 period.  The West would be crippled financially due to the disappearance of easy credit. The West would be culturally reshaped when the Jewish influence through the mass media evaporates.  The age of individualism and competitiveness would make way for a new age of co-operation between people.  The market for ideas and ideologies will be free again, and, who knows what Westerners would choose?

As Christopher Bollyn states: “911 Truth Ends the War.”  I can add, 911 Truth has the potential to  restore the real freedom of humanity.

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