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Those terrible Northmen came from the frozen North to usurp, to destroy and to cause endless pain to the more cultured and civilised world. Their violent heartless raids were characterised by one feature, namely, assuming for themselves the right to dispossess others of their rightful lands and property at whatever cost to the victim. In the Northman’s barbaric mindset, the victim‘s resistance was unjustified and offensive. Few people realize that we in the more civilised world have been facing this northern menace for the past 1200 years.

I hear you asking me where I get the right to claim membership of the “civilised world” so let’s deal with that question quickly. What is civilisation anyway? I hear you ask. Prominent thinkers offer the following as attributes of a civilised person: absence of lying, respecting the property and persons of others, compassion and respect. The typical Northman lacked all of the above and manifested the exact opposite. Disregard for the lives and property of other, deceiving and breaking oaths and agreements, heartless cruelty and extreme chauvinism all undoubtedly place the Northmen in the category of the uncivilised barbarian.

The ancient holy scriptures speak of the terror of uncivilised northern barbarian by the names Gog and Magog. They foretell the supreme challenge they would pose to civilised humanity when they would one day break out of their frozen wilderness. This official breaking out of the wilderness took place in the year 911 when Rollo the Norman Viking was allowed to settle with his people in Normandy. Their settlement of Normandy followed a compromise that took place after endless resistance by the successors of the great European hero king Charlemagne to Northmen atrocities and usurpation. Although the compromise gave them a foothold in heartland Europe it did not stop their wolf-like greed and plunder. 150 Years after gaining Normandy in Europe, William the Conqueror, leader of the Northmen (now called the Normans) also known as The William the Bastard, crossed the English Channel and took control of England. The dynasty he founded to rule over England endures until this very day.

Their spirit of endless war continued from Britain as their new command station, to this day. Initially it was neighbours France, Scotland and Ireland that suffered most at their hands. There were the Scottish wars of independence (remember William Wallace) and the 100-year war with France (remember Joan of Arc). The greatest victory however, that marks the final consolidation of Northman conquest, happened at Waterloo in Belgium in 1815 however. This is the year that the greatest challenge to British hegemony since medieval times, France, was finally defeated. The history of France since 1815 is a sad history of cow-towing to the wishes of Britain. The years from 1815 to 1914 are a period of consolidating Europe under British hegemony.
A threatened shifting of power to Germany was effectively checked in 1919 in a war that was called the Great War. Germany, as the most advanced country on earth, was severely dealt with and reduced to ruins. The Great War (1914 – 1919) also opened up new vistas for Britain as the carriers of the Northman adventurist spirit. 1919 Also marks the destruction of the Ottoman Empire which ruled over the vast heartland of the Arabs, and the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian empire that ruled the vast Eastern European expanses. Hegemony over the entire globe suddenly became a real prospect. The treaties that were signed in the aftermath of the war were aimed at just that. The Sykes-Picot agreement carved up the ex-Ottoman ruled Arab world between European powers. The Treaty of Versailles was aimed at keeping Germany down. The League of Nations, formed under British tutelage consolidated the Anglo-Saxon hegemony. But 1919 also marks the shifting of the seat of military power further west to the United States of America as the illegitimate problem child of British imperialism. The Normans, who became the British, now became simply became known as “The West”.

America showed its mettle when a resurgent Germany was finally put down with its help in a second great war from 1939 to 1945. The outcomes of Word War 2 were favourable but complex to the West. Because Russia’s help was needed in bringing Germany down, they expected something in return. At Yalta, the victors settled the division of the European spoils and the British/Americans grudgingly conceded Eastern Europe to Russia. This concession was to haunt the Western usurper alliance to this day. Russia was a marriage of convenience that soon started to irritate the usurpers. To deal with it, the West very quickly morphed itself into a new alliance, called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), with which they assumed a new hostile posture towards Russia. Russia could however not be “dealt” with as with Germany or Japan. There was the small problem of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), brought about by the obtaining of nuclear weapons by both sides. The most barbaric single act in human history that was committed in 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan, left the world stunned as to the capacity of the Northmen / British / West to inflict pain and destruction to achieve their goals of conquest and usurpation. It made Russia and others realize that the Western foe was not to be faced scantily prepared. The nuclear arms race between 1945 and 1990 was the result of this realisation.
Russia experienced a changing of the guard in 1990 when the West agitated for regime change in that country. The regime-change succeeded in the short term when a drunkard named Boris Yeltzin assumed the reigns to the delight of the West. Their joy was abruptly ended when a new Napoleon Bonaparte surfaced in the form of Vladimir Putin while Yeltzin drank himself to death. Russian pride was restored under Putin, and its Christian character rediscovered.

A parallel development within the conquered Arab and Muslim worlds was the emergence of movements that sought the destruction of Western Imperialism. The most effective of these was the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which mounted a comprehensive ideological and military response to Western barbarity since 1979. The new Persian leadership of the Islamic resistance differed with other Arab-based responses in their level of shrewdness in confronting Western lies and propaganda. The years from 1979 until present day 2016 see the continuous spreading of influence of Iran throughout the Middle Earth region.

NATO as the modern day incarnation of the dreaded Northmen barbarians now face probably the biggest threat it ever did in all of its infamous centuries of being a menace to the civilised world. The threat is two-fold: 1. Revolt within its own borders. The citizens within the Western Empire have shown increased dissatisfaction with the ruthlessness and the greed of their masters. Economic crises, falling living standards and loss of security resulting from blow-back from foreign invasions all work together to create more discontent with citizens within the empire than ever before, at a scale never seen before. 2. The alliance between Asia, Russia, Middle-Earth and major parts of the South presents a military and economic foe, unmatched in scale throughout history. The presence of nuclear weapons throughout the anti-Imperialist alliance makes a direct full-frontal attack a difficult option. The option, before military confrontation, used by the Western usurpers has therefore been primarily agitation, trouble-stirring, conniving with weak puppet states and attacking weak non-aligned countries.

Will 2016 be the year that sees the collapse of the barbarian West? As we speak, other barbarian elements have acquired equal cruelty and licence to usurp and to inflict pain. The Salafist brand of Islam represents the new beast that was fomented by continuous dehumanisation of Muslims in their own lands. The problem is that Salafism has a pool of almost two billion Muslims to recruit from, over 50 million of which already reside within Western borders. The redemption of the world will lie in the hands of the forces of civilisation. As the West is torn apart by internal revolutions, suppression and Salafist blow-back, it will be left to the BRICKS, the Axis of Islamic Resistance (Iran/Yemen/Lebanon/ Syria/Iraq) joined hopefully by Egypt, Pakistan and non-imperialist America and Europe to restore justice to mankind. Let us pray that the scourge of NATO barbarity is finally ended starting right now.

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