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Talmudism is as far from Judaism as Salafist is from Islam. The Talmud is the grand achievement of generations of Jewish priests to mentally enslave the Jewish people. Similarly Salafism is a grand achievement of generations of Muslim priests to intimidate and mentally enslave the Muslim peoples. Both of them succeeded in corrupting their host religions to the point of conquering the very hearts of most adherents to those two religions. I wonder how many of you realize that both of these corruptions emanate from the same region in Babylon or what is today known as Iraq. When the Jews were driven out of Palestine by the Romans around 70 AD, they set up shop in Babylon. This marks the period of the exile, when the Talmud started being developed. The Sanhedrin priestly class, who gave Jesus Christ (P) hell, once exiled by Rome, decided to lay the foundation for modern Judaism through its development of the Talmud. A few centuries later, when the followers of Muhammad (P) entered this territory, the Jewish Priests were well-advanced on the path of creating their new religious mind control system.
The Muslim “Salaf” revered by Salafism flourished in the same region, heavily influenced by Jewish Talmudic ideas. A few very obvious Muslim practices, completely alien to the teachings of the Holy Quran, found its way into the law corpus of the Muslims. The practice of stoning the adulterer, the excesses in dietary rules, the killing of the apostate and extreme xenophobia all became equally absorbed within Muslim law. The first Abbasid period of Islam represents a shunning of Salafist extremism and a flourishing of rational thinking. Jewish Talmudism similarly found it hard to flourish under pagan Rome, and even more so under Christian Rome.
The late 11th century sees the opening of the gates of hell for humanity. This period sees the ascent of the Northmen to the English throne, and also the grabbing of the Muslim heartland by Seljuk Salafist Turks. Interestingly, some of the original Seljuks leaders trace their origin to Khazaria. Khazaria had become Talmudic Jewish a century earlier. The current foul cocktail of barbaric greed and religious extremism and chauvinism were implanted and fully virulent in Middle Earth as well as in Europe by the end of the 11th century.
This pungent mix enveloped the Muslim world and laid waste to whatever good was produced by the founders of Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries. It made several attempts on the European heartland in the following centuries, but was successfully repelled by Christian Europe. Only in Spain were the Arab Moors able to establish a foothold early on. The seat of Christian Europe was eventually overrun by the barbarians in the 15th century with the fall of Constantinople.
Internal rot and corruption brought down the Ottoman empire by the end of the 19th century. Sadly though, this was too late to prevent a flanking of Europe by the barbaric Normans and the Talmudic Khazars which happened in a century earlier in 1789. The French Revolution marks the point of meeting between Northern European plunderers and Ashkenazi Khazarian Talmudists. When Napoleon opened the gates of the Ghetto’s in Europe he let out the greatest beast ever seen by mankind. The years following the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars are the years when the modern day predatory banking system was perfected. The Talmudic, xenophobic, religious bigots of Khazaria used this period to establish themselves in London and across Europe.
The 19th century is the time of consolidation of the Talmudic bankers in alliance with the Norman gangsters. The British provided the muscle and Talmudic Askenazi’s provided the brains. Power had officially shifted from the Turks to the Northern European Anglo Saxons.
Military prowess would never have been enough to sustain global control. That was where the Talmudist theology of Satan came in handy. In the late 1800s Talmudism was baptised with a new name: Zionism. The control over the world’s currency and gold reserves was used by Zionism to establish a new global Satanic theology of racism, excess, arrogance and greed. Modern day Political Correctness is nothing else but a new form of satanic piety, in line with global satanic designs. The Westerner is a completely duped subject of this satanic empire. Just as being a good Muslim means paying homage to the Salaf, the good Westerner has to pay homage to Israel. The nonsensical claim that millions of Jews died in World War 2 is used as the ultimate guilt extortion to subdue everyone in the West. This notwithstanding the fact that tens of millions of Christian Germans, Russians and Muslims and even Confucianists died in Word War 2.
America is a rabid wolf on Talmudic steroids. The fate of America, if Americans fail to awaken, will be the same as Ottoman Turkey. The rest of the world must decouple itself from Talmudic Satanism view if we are to save this planet. The Jews are not the only upholders of Talmudism. Every Salafist Muslim and every Christian Zionist shares in maintaining the Empire of Satan today.
The call of our time, is the call to abandon Satan, and to revert back to civilisation and human brotherhood and sisterhood.

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