May 092014

A good teacher once taught me that any virtue practiced to the extreme becomes a vice.  I find this wisdom relevant when contemplating both the above named Islamic tendencies, translated as the People of the Prophetic Tradition and the People of Quran respectively. The Ahlus Sunna The People of the Prophetic tradition (Ahlus Sunna) take the utterances and practices of the holy Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, even to the minutest detail, as legally binding, or at least legally preferable.  Let’s take some examples: the exact mannerism in which the prophet ate, went to toilet, went to bed at night or walked are often captured within the books that narrate the tradition of the Prophet; and there are hundreds of thousands of such narrations.  When it comes to devotional rituals such as the fasting during the month of fasting, or the ritual daily worshipping of God, or the performance [Read further…]

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May 082014

The Global Satanic Elite has been mis-named in many different ways;  The Illuminati, The Global Zionist Capitalist Conspiracy, the New World Order, the Banking Elite,  the Jewish Conspiracy and  recently, the 1%.  These are all less than accurate denominations for what people agree is a small group of highly motivated, highly powerful individuals, plotting the course of global and local history. The Illuminati? This term of closely related to the 17th  and 18th century Enlightenment in Europe.  Germany was the founding terrain of the Illuminati in 1776, initially as a secret society.  The Illuminati dedicated itself, secretly to work towards getting European hearts and minds away from the traditional ideas espoused by the church, and to spread a purely secular and scientific mindset. The core idea of the Illuminati, in which they were obviously successful, was to shift power away from central monarchs and elected governments, towards powerful private citizens.  [Read further…]

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Apr 252014

By Joseph Islam Many Muslims, as is often the case with followers of other religions, follow the practices and rituals of their forefathers without critical examination. Many inherit the scriptures of their forefathers, along with their beliefs whether it be from Abrahamic faiths such as the Bible and the Quran or others such as the Gita or the Sri Guru Granth Sahib (etc). Many follow their scriptures as ultimate truth, often with their ‘learned’ interpreting the scripture for them. In the end, the adoption of practices and rituals become a function simply of what household one is born in and what has been taught by their forefathers or preached by their community religious leaders. The Quran dispenses with blind following. It admonishes humans for not using their mind, their intellect and reason. Such faculties are not granted without purpose.  They have inherent intent which includes the use of reason to [Read further…]

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Apr 242014

Firstly we need to examine the word cruel. What is cruelty? Is there cruelty in the world? Who created the cruelty if it exists? Let us look at what constitutes cruelty first. Is childbirth an act of cruelty? Is a heart transplant an act of cruelty? Is refusing a child something he or she desires, knowing that it may harm the child, an act of cruelty?  Is toil and labour for the sake of achieving one’s goal cruel? As you would have come to realise, none of the above depictions constitutes cruelty. The common thread through all of them is that they all include pain, fatigue or emotional distress. So cruelty cannot simply be defined as pain or emotional distress. So what does constitute cruelty? Let’s look at some obvious examples: causing injury to somebody, for no reason except to inflict pain and suffering on the victim would definitely constitute [Read further…]

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Apr 212014

By Sufyan bin Zubair, courtesy “Seek knowledge, even if you have to go all the way to China!” The above is one of the most well known and oft-quoted statements of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Even though its origins are questionable and not entirely verifiable, it has served as an inspiration for scientific thought and rational ideas in the Islamic world for centuries. Sadly, the present-day Muslims seem to be detached from that very rational and scientific learning that once was a hallmark of the Islamic world. According to Science Watch, out of the top 20 countries in terms of overall scientific output, Turkey is the only Muslim representative, with a modest rank of 19. A civilization that had a humble beginning but soon reached the pinnacle of scientific and social learning seems to have come full circle. What exactly has gone wrong? Pre-Islamic Arabian tribes had their own share [Read further…]

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Apr 142014

In the Name of Allah, most Gracious, Most Merciful Muslims are bemoaning their sorry state of subjugation today. They await the imminent help of Allah to help them overthrow the yoke of occupation and oppression by the West. Islamic revolutionaries and activists invoke the promised victory of the righteous from scriptures, to motivate the young to become part of the great Jihad against the Western infidel. They believe their cause to be ultimately righteous. The question that these hopeful activists fail to ask is whether the Islam that is today touted by Muslims really constitutes righteousness and the will of Allah. Do we know what the will of Allah is? Most certainly, yes! Allah’s will is espoused within His book, the Quran. When we take a look at the Quran we in fact find much that is being paraded as Islam, as being from the devil. The biggest demonic practice [Read further…]

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Apr 122014

by Ahmed Mansour, ahl-alquran.comSeptember 11 Written in Arabic by Ahmed Subhy Mansur Translated by Mohamed dandan Introduction: We are not a sect, nor a party, nor a denomination or an organization. I-We are an Islamic Intellectual trend , seeking to peacefully reform Muslims by resorting to God Almighty as The Judge through the Glorious Quran, complying with His commandment :{ 6: 114 Shall I seek other than Allah for judge, when He it is Who hath revealed unto you (this) Scripture, fully explained? } And since we are an intellectual trend, the realm of the internet is medium of interaction among us. We hope someday, we or some of us will be able to meet in a conference in any location worldwide. II- What unites us, in thought and in Islamic religion, is the sum of our mission or call, which is outlined as follows: First: The beliefs aspect 1- [Read further…]

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Feb 182014

Is death a complete mystery? No-one has come back from death to relate his experience, so we might think there is no way of knowing what happens after we exit the world of the living. I’m not counting near death experiences because that’s what they are, “near death” experiences, and not death, i.e. real death. I believe that it is not a completely mystery, just as it’s not a mystery to figure out what distant planets, millions of light years away, or strange phenomena such as a black hole could be like. It is possible to use our intellect, and the reliable testimonies from men and women who were identified as prophets or saints. We are in possession of thousands upon thousands of words of testimony from these men and women. These are women and men who firstly testified that they were in possession of a very special type of [Read further…]

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Jul 102013

Islam as an idea cannot be conflated with Muslims as adherents of the idea. Let me offer an example. In 1940 France was invaded and conquered by Germany. For the next four years, a French state was declared which has become known as the Vichy Regime. The Vichy Regime was the very antithesis of what it meant to be French. The members of the Vichy regime were cowards and collaborators with Nazism. No Frenchman today is proud of this shameful expression of “Frenchness” which the Vichy Regime represented. Now to come to Islam. Islam is an idea that, at its heart promotes human freedom from bondage to anything but God, which is as absolute as you can define freedom. For if you define freedom as anything BUT God-given, then you reduce the sublimity of the concept. Muslims, on the other hand are a conquered people, and have been a conquered [Read further…]

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Jul 012013

Neo-Atheism is really about a few best sellers by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and some others.  The essence of their discourse is far from scientific.  A glance at their works, makes it more appropriately describable as pseudo-intellectual mockery of God and Religion.  None of the best selling neo-Atheist authors have, to my knowledge, produced a published scientific work on their beliefs.  In debate after debate (and I’ve seen close to a hundred of them), they cannot string together a proper argument to uphold a view that “God does not exist.” Instead, they argue that they have no burden of proof that “Belief in God is unfounded”.  If belief in God is in their opinion as nonsensical as belief in the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny, why do they then not publish books on the unfounded beliefs in these too?The fact is that neo-Atheists, curiously, have religion and God to [Read further…]

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Jul 012013

What do all neo-Atheists have in common?  Two things, as I see it. Firstly, they hold an absence of belief in God, and secondly, they advance modern scientific causes to the existence of the universe.  On other questions such as the existence of a moral code independent of human conception, there is no unanimity amongst them. As a novice, I am trying to make sense of what they say.  I should not be ruled out of order for trying to make sense of their claims. After all, certainly they do not expect one to be a registered scientist to understand or accept their arguments.   If they indeed belittle me for trying to make sense of neo-Atheism, then they are calling on me to believe their arguments without question; the operative word here being “believe”.  If neo-Atheism calls on us ordinary people to have “belief” or “faith” in their highly complicated [Read further…]

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Jun 212013

Mark Shuttleworth, the first South African in space and the mastermind behind the Ubuntu open source PC desktop interface, and Bill Gates, the spirit behind the Windows operating system are both great men.  So is Steve Jobs, the spirit behind Apple.  Using Ubuntu, or using Windows or using Apple does not make anyone a great person automatically!  In fact, using any of these, does not even make me an authority on the software.  As a user, I’m a beneficiary of someone else’s greatness.  I should be grateful, humble and hopeful that I could be of similar great service to my fellow man one day. Not so with religions! Muhammad, Jesus and Moses were great men.  However we see their followers arrogating themselves to absurdly sublime levels, rivaling the very authority of the original master.  What gives a Muslim follower of Muhammad the right to speak in Muhammad’s name?  Who gave [Read further…]

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