May 122014

Why must I share my love for the Divine?
Don’t they see He’s my warm sunshine?
Shall I then forsake His light, alone,
Cold, bereft, only darkness, unknown!
For death in His cause, I longingly yearn
A chance for me to, unto Him return.
And when all this noise is gone one day,
In His noble company shall I forever stay.

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May 112014

The key objectives of big money in South Africa are three:

  • Safeguard their access to SA’s mineral resources
  • Protect private ownership and privilege won over three centuries
  • Maintain South Africa as a proponent of Western values and culture in Africa

Their party-political / election support strategy is three-fold:

  1. Infiltrate the ruling party by acquiring senior positions for pro-corporation individuals which they own such as Cyril Ramaphosa and Tokyo Sexwale.
  2. Continue to support the Democratic Alliance to act as some sort of a counter balance to the ANC, to prevent the ANC from going rogue.
  3.  Support the emergence of any new parties amongst the Black communities that share their values.

It seems that strategies 2 and 3 have delivered very pathetic results over the past 20 years.  The DA’s support, notwithstanding its mammoth campaign expenditure at every election, is stuck below 23% of the national vote.  Whites continue to form the backbone of the DA, both in leadership and voters.  Black pro-corporate parties have also not materialized.  Mampele Ramphela and her failed AGANG adventure is an example in point.  She was preceded by a more successful venture by the COPE party in 2009, which also failed to maintain its support last week, dropping to almost nothing.

Strategy 1 has been more successful.  The number 2 man in the ANC is now the slave of Anglo American and the mining houses, Cyril Ramaphosa.  The man behind the Marikana Massacre.  The ANC has therefore been the most prized acquisition by SA oligarchs.

But the ANC infiltration strategy is a risky strategy however.  The ANC’s Polokwane congress back in 2007, has shown that a mighty guy can quickly be dethroned.

It remains to be seen therefore how the oligarchs, who control almost all of South Africa, will deal with this risk.  My fear, and unfortunate prediction is that, once they’ve gotten rid of Zuma, who is an embarrassment to their South Africa, they will use Ramaphosa, as the incoming president, to turn South Africa into a more repressive state.

The EFF, under Julius Malema needs to be dealt with also by them.  The EFF, as a revolutionary anti-corporation party, shocked  by acquiring over 24 seats in parliament, a formidable platform to preach their message!

What are they planning for the EFF?  Well, firstly, Malema will have to disappear.  A mother of all court cases is planned for Malema, who will probably end up in Jail.  Thereafter, the EFF will fizzle, unfortunately.

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May 092014

Amongst the tests that the Holy Quran provides for accepting the arguments of a preacher is whether that preacher is paid to say what he says. By no means is this the only test, but it does constitute one important element in the toolkit of every person that is confronted with a set of ideas.

Look at these verses:

أُولَـٰئِكَ الَّذِينَ هَدَى اللَّـهُ ۖ فَبِهُدَاهُمُ اقْتَدِهْ ۗ قُل لَّا أَسْأَلُكُمْ عَلَيْهِ أَجْرًا ۖ إِنْ هُوَ إِلَّا ذِكْرَىٰ لِلْعَالَمِينَ ﴿٩٠﴾ ﴿الأنعام: ٩٠﴾
[Surah 6:90]
They are those whom Allah had guided. So follow their guidance. Say: “No reward do I ask of you for this. It is only a reminder for the worlds.”

فَإِن تَوَلَّيْتُمْ فَمَا سَأَلْتُكُم مِّنْ أَجْرٍ إِنْ أَجْرِيَ إِلَّا عَلَى اللَّـهِ وَأُمِرْتُ أَنْ أَكُونَ مِنَ الْمُسْلِمِينَ ﴿يونس: ٧٢﴾
[Surah 10:72]
“But if you turn away, then no reward have I asked of you, my reward is only from Allah, and I have been commanded to be one of the Muslims (those who submit to Allah’s Will).”

In chapter 11 of the Quran (Surah Hood), God repeatedly uses the following words to describe the argument with which the prophets of old confronted their people:
وَيَا قَوْمِ لَا أَسْأَلُكُمْ عَلَيْهِ مَالًا ۖ إِنْ أَجْرِيَ إِلَّا عَلَى اللَّـهِ
[Surah 11:29]
“And O my people! I ask of you no money for it, my reward is from none but Allah…”

Yet, today, most people receive blindly, the words of men and women who are employed and paid for teaching a certain message. The biggest threat to any science is that the scholar advancing that science serves an established bureaucracy, which pays him. To make matters worse, such paid scholars (“Scholars for Dollars”) often extract or extort such payment from the very people to whom his message is given!

Western science is not immune to this form of corruption. Today, it is possible to commission the research that will support your preference, provided you can pay for it!

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May 092014

A good teacher once taught me that any virtue practiced to the extreme becomes a vice.  I find this wisdom relevant when contemplating both the above named Islamic tendencies, translated as the People of the Prophetic Tradition and the People of Quran respectively.

The Ahlus Sunna

The People of the Prophetic tradition (Ahlus Sunna) take the utterances and practices of the holy Prophet Muhammad, upon whom be peace, even to the minutest detail, as legally binding, or at least legally preferable.  Let’s take some examples: the exact mannerism in which the prophet ate, went to toilet, went to bed at night or walked are often captured within the books that narrate the tradition of the Prophet; and there are hundreds of thousands of such narrations.  When it comes to devotional rituals such as the fasting during the month of fasting, or the ritual daily worshipping of God, or the performance of the pilgrimage to Mecca, then the stakes are upped drastically.  For these rituals, an astonishing amount of detail is dug out from the narrations of the prophet to fine tune, in the minutest of detail possible, the way in which the ritual should be completed.  Take the daily ritual prayer as an example.  Even the way one curls one’s toes when sitting in the prayer is legally prescribed.  The exact spot on the chest or stomach where you should fold and lay your hands is a matter of great debate and discussion.  The keeping of the finger when uttering the oneness of God in formula form, is also debated: some say the finger must be straight, others argue that the finger must be crooked, others again bring evidence from the prophetic narrations to prove that the finger should in fact oscillate vigorously up and down.  Others again argue that the finger should oscillate, but not vigorously.

The only problem is that, just as it is impossible for an accurate and exact image of the face and appearance the Prophet to be transmitted and replicated verbally, so it is impossible to accurately transmit his exact minutest mannerisms.  It is all an approximation at what he did and said.  This obvious fact is omitted when the pious scholars enforce prophetic narratives on people with the full force of the law.  Just because some companions or acquaintances saw Muhammad, upon whom be peace; fold his arms during prayer, it in no way means that the others, who saw him hanging his arms free, were wrong.  They then raise the issue of “chains of narration”, arguing that a connected chain of narrators is more reliable then a broken chain. What is the proof for that?

I am living proof that a broken chain of narrators does not necessarily invalidate a social practice.  I know hard work is preferable to laziness, and I never heard my father say this to me. He died when I was only five.   But he obviously instilled it in my older brothers, because I always saw them working hard and being successful. So it is logical to assume that he instilled the value of working hard in us. The problem is, I cannot pin it down to a specific utterance to me or to my brothers.  What we have here is the transmission of a tradition of practice rather than a spoken or written tradition.  The study of “chains of narration” completely disregards this simple phenomenon.  Instead it obsesses with incidental physical observations by the prophet’s companions, of his actions and spoken words, which were often made out of context, incompletely or unclearly.

The Prophet’s tradition is the words and actions ascribed to him by ordinary people with human weaknesses.  The emphasis must be on the words “ascribed” and “ordinary people with human weaknesses.”  That means these people could forget or misspeak.  How on earth can we claim their words as being 100% reflective of the Prophet’s wishes?  Will you, honorable reader, be willing to appoint a 100 000 people, including children, to manage your estate upon your death?   Well, if we say that the legacy of the Prophet was his tradition, then we better make dead sure we do not give carte blanche to 100 000 people to ascribe to him words as they see fit.  If we do, we are bound to make a mess of his legacy.  It is then that you end up with narrations such as the one in Bukhari where the prophet instructs a grown man to suckle from a grown woman. Or where he is supposed to have, as a 50 year old man, married a 6-year old child. (These narrations are obvious slander of the Prophet.)  The only way the Quran, and the common law can respect a man’s legacy, is if he wrote it down, and had it witnessed by two witnesses.  Prophetic narrations were neither written down by the prophet, nor formally commissioned by him.  It therefore fails to achieve the status of the indisputable, immutable wishes of the Prophet.

Ahlul Quran

The Ahlul Quran is an attempt at correcting the mistakes of traditionalism.  As with most human attempts at corrective action however, certain Ahlul Quran fanatics overshoot the mark. Instead of critically studying, appraising, reflecting on and perhaps in some cases validating the colossal corpus of Prophetic tradition as a potential gold mine of true and valid practice, they, in one stroke, declare it all invalid and illegitimate.   People like Edip Yuksel, make a career out of mocking and debasing reported Prophetic traditions as much as possible.  There is no truth-seeking dividend in his discourse; only the sad demolition of a legacy that could still be mined for value.  Human beings are intelligent and creative.  Give a man or a woman dried up palm leaves, and they will weave the most beautiful and useful rug or basket.  The Edip Yuksel approach makes no less of a moron of the ordinary man as the blind hadith drone.  What Yuksel is saying is that we are incapable of sifting through the hundreds of thousands of reports from the Prophet, to arrive at something of value.

The original jurisprudents like Abu Hanifa, Shaafi and Malik did exactly that.  They were tasked with formulating easy-to-implement prayer procedures, for which they scanned the existing practice and the existing reports to arrive at a best practice for their time. If we need to decry anything, then it is the freezing in time of those men’s work.  The intellectual laziness that resulted from Muslims following ready-made procedures for prayer or cleanliness must be questioned.  Let me illustrate by means of an example:  Airlines operate on very tight procedures.  Take-off and landing occur in exact correspondence with established best practice.  The aim is to ensure safety first and efficiency and punctuality secondly.  But take-off and landing procedures can never be frozen in time.  Conditions change, equipment changes, aircraft change. If aviation experts had to stick to procedures first developed in the 1783, with the use of the first hot air balloon, we would be in a lot of trouble now!  At the same time we do not invalidate the lessons learnt from the age of hot air balloons.

A more healthy approach is to embrace reported Prophetic tradition as a rich source of spiritual and religious wisdom, from which to, in the light of the mighty Quran, distill the most useful material from.  The most contradictory feature of men like Yuksel is that they themselves preach “Quran only”, then go on to flood the internet (if that’s possible) with their opinions.  Human intellection is our most prized instrument, gifted by the Almighty.  With the power of our intellect, individually and collectively, we do not need to fear the body of transmitted tradition of the Prophet.  All we need to do is engage rationally with it.        The other fact is that Islam cannot be threatened by prophetic narratives, just as much as Western modernity cannot be threatened by Platonic and Aristotelian philosophy.  The West is not great because it discarded Plato and Aristotle, but rather because it re-read, reinterpreted and consolidated it into useful current discourses.

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May 082014

The Global Satanic Elite has been mis-named in many different ways;  The Illuminati, The Global Zionist Capitalist Conspiracy, the New World Order, the Banking Elite,  the Jewish Conspiracy and  recently, the 1%.  These are all less than accurate denominations for what people agree is a small group of highly motivated, highly powerful individuals, plotting the course of global and local history.

The Illuminati?

This term of closely related to the 17th  and 18th century Enlightenment in Europe.  Germany was the founding terrain of the Illuminati in 1776, initially as a secret society.  The Illuminati dedicated itself, secretly to work towards getting European hearts and minds away from the traditional ideas espoused by the church, and to spread a purely secular and scientific mindset. The core idea of the Illuminati, in which they were obviously successful, was to shift power away from central monarchs and elected governments, towards powerful private citizens.  Although many believe this group to be highly active still in secretly perpetuating a global privileged elite, I do not find it plausible.  It will be very difficult to maintain such a level of secrecy today, and thousands of people would relish an opportunity to expose such a super-secret society.  They were however until today, as demonstrated right here in South Africa, successful in making governments completely impotent as expressions of the will of the people.

The Global Zionist Capitalist Conspiracy?

It is strange that Capitalism and Zionism should be grouped together to the exclusion of Communism.  A brief reading of the history of Communism will show the reader that Communism was very Zionist in its early stages.  The Communist Soviet Union and Ukraine after all joined the vote by the Security Council of the UN to admit Israel in 1948, after Russia gave very early recognition to Zionist Israel on 17 May 1948.  (Israel came into existence 3 days earlier.) (See  If you read up about the Bolshevik revolution in Russia, you will find that secular Jews provided the intellectual muscle to that revolution.  (See Behind Communism, by Frank L Britton, circa 1953.) These same Bolshevik revolutionaries voiced very little or no opposition to European Zionism, formally founded in Europe in 1897 at the first international Zionist Congress. It is secular Jews who ended up as the backbone of Israel, then and now. From Russia and communist Eastern Europe also came the bulk of Israel’s new leadership.  My point is that there was no disharmony ever between Communism and Zionism, so the Global Zionist Capitalist conspiracy is a misnomer.

Okay, so what about using the term Global Zionist conspiracy? Although I see more validity in using this term in reference to the global power elite, I think it lets off the hook many who are very much part of the conspiracy to rob ordinary people of their prosperity and happiness.  If Zionism has only really been around since 1897, then what about the preceding 100 years, when the plan of global control by an elite was already in full swing.  And what if Israel disappears tomorrow? Will the global controllers disappear? I think not.  These villains are not loyal to any piece of earth, and will drop Israel like a hot potato if times should change. Still, I would agree, in the 20th century, the control elite by-and-large took on Zionism as a pet project.

The New World Order?

George Bush, and his speech titled “Toward a New World Order” made in 1990 are often used as references for those that accuse the elite of setting up a global state of control, centered around international bodies like the UN, the IMF and the World Bank.   The New World Order is regarded as a global control mechanism whereby nations relinquish their independence to a small band of powerfully global elitists.  Alex Jones, US talk show host, often uses this term.  When he uses the term, he portrays the New World Order as reliant on military style police establishments and a generally fascistic form of crowd control.  My problem with this type of characterization of the global controllers is that it assumes a very rigid, bureaucratic and institutionalized form of control, which ordinary people will find hard to believe.  Very few in the US or Europe will buy into the idea that they have become unwilling captives within a fascistic system of global control.  The global controllers indeed use much more insidious and deceptive means to give effect to their general system of control.  The other problem I have with this term is that many a justice-seeking nation may sit on UN bodies, and these bodies often act as a thorn in the flesh of the control elite.

Banking Elite?

This term is used to highlight the power of the global interest-based, fiat-currency based banking system.  Since the printing of all but one or two nations’ currencies are privatized to private bankers, these bankers are seen as wielding ultimate power to control the destiny of nations.  If almost every nation has the printing and the control of its monitory system placed in the hands of a small number of private individuals, and if these individuals are connected globally through the European based Bank for International Settlements, then it is not farfetched to claim that a small number of powerful bankers, located in Europe really control the destiny of almost all nations.  Money, after all, makes the “world go ‘round”, as the saying goes.  What is my problem then? Well, if you really think about it, money does not really “make the world go ‘round!” ; at least not for everyone.  There are many people in the world, who do not take banks to be of prime importance.  Drug merchants for example, operate mostly outside of the banking system, as do many other barter-based communities.  I agree that the term Global Banking Elite highly affects the destiny of anyone invested in the global banking system through a mortgage, or through stock market investments. Obviously bankers affect the prosperity or lack thereof also in the nations where they control the flow money.  They DO inflict debt-based hardship and poverty where-ever they reign.

The Global Jewish Conspiracy?

In my book Our Godly Struggle, available for download on this site (, I do highlight the role of Jewish connectedness in the original setting up of the global control network since the time of the French Revolution in 1789.    It is however very easy to go from an analytical framing of the role of Jews in the global control elite to a blunt anti-Semitic mindset, and one must be careful of doing that.  Jews are not the problem, by virtue of being Jews, I believe.  A group of connected individuals, connected by historical and social bonds, who absolve themselves from the reigning social customs and ethics IS the problem.  But such a group may well also be Muslims or Hindus.  The term Global Jewish Conspiracy is based on the claim that in our times, it is the case that a group of powerful Jews (to the exclusion of most ordinary Jews), have used their social and historical connections to establish a powerful global network.  I often find many conspiracy theorists, in an effort to substantiate their claim, point out how many Jews are present in almost every institution of power.  The American supreme court for example is cited as being 4 out of 9 Jewish, in huge disproportion to the less than 1% of Americans being Jewish.

Although this can be an interesting pastime, I must warn against taking this too far.  What if Jews, in their social and psychological upbringing just happened to inculcate the types of values that make out of them better performers? Albert Einstein was certainly not a bigoted Jew or a Zionist when he came up with his ground-breaking theories.  Are we then going to call modern science a product of a Jewish conspiracy?  Also, just as you may find Jews taking a lead and steering role in the deplorable American foreign policy, you will find Jews leading the condemnation of American aggression.  Also with regard to Zionist Israel, you will often find vociferous rabbi’s condemning Israeli illegitimacy.  I will therefore argue that the term Global Jewish conspiracy must be used with some qualification.  The term needs clarification to mean something more similar to the term Italian Mafia;  a conspiracy of criminal elite Jews instead of a conspiracy by Jews.  And believe me, I have no qualms with applying the term ‘conspiracy of Muslim elites’ when referring to the cabal that supported the secession of Pakistan from India in 1947.

The 1%?

This term came into common use during the Wall Street-centered “Occupation” movement in 2012.  I think this term is a cop-out, and is an abstract and non-committal way of articulating the existence of a control elite, without getting your hands dirty in the process of exposing by name or attributes what and who this elite is;  which is perhaps why the “Occupy” movement was doomed to failure.  An enemy that is deemed to be amorphous cannot be attacked.  We cannot mount a defensive maneuver or defensive action without offending anyone!!  We cannot launch a counter-attack and be afraid of being labeled by the enemy with every type of slanderous epithet!  That is the same as measuring your own worth in terms of your enemy’s strength.  WE WILL HAVE TO OFFEND SOME PEOPLE AT SOME POINT, MOST OF ALL THE CRIMINAL CULPRITS.  If we cannot even agree on who these are, then we should stay home and continue to enjoy our slumber.  Coming out with a vague depiction of the enemy as being all the super rich is nonsense and will take us nowhere.


The global control elite can be described in many ways, all of which bring us closer to a more accurate understanding of who these villains and enemies of humanity are.  My book Our Godly Struggle frames the definition of this most vile enemy in its first chapter. It locates the definition within a historical religious and political framework.  I truly believe that our present-day elite is not that different to the elite that faced Moses in Egypt, or Muhammad in Arabia or Jesus in Palestine.  By framing the enemy appropriately, we are able to mobilize the full gamut of the human consciousness: religious, emotional and intellectual in defense of the oppressed.  Any other type of vague and intellectually restricted framing of the identity of the enemy lays us bare to these villains’ using an escape argument, and a means of isolating us from each other.

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May 072014

By Garikai Chengu

Contrary to the Westernized, popular belief that South Africa is a “model democracy”, it is one of  Africa’s most dysfunctional democracies.

South Africa’s apartheid regime is remembered as one of the worst crimes against humanity of the 20th  century. The economic system that underpinned it remains alive and well today.

Whites comprise only 12 percent of the population but, thanks to the racist exploitation of blacks over the past 350 years, still own 75 percent of the country’s land.

U.S.-based bank, Citigroup, recently ranked South Africa as the world’s richest country, in terms of its mineral reserves, worth an estimated $2.5 trillion. Whites and foreigners own a staggering 80 percent of this wealth.

South Africa is unquestionably, the world’s most racially unequal society.

Democracy is not about holding elections, simply to choose which particular representatives of the elite class should rule over the masses. True democracy is about equalizing the economy and giving economic power back to the majority.

The Economic Freedom Fighters party is campaigning on a platform of three pillars, designed to democratize the economy and overthrow the economic legacy of apartheid. First, expropriation of land for redistribution amongst the masses. Second, nationalization of mines and banks for the benefit of the people and, finally, free education and health care for all.

This week marks the most important election in South Africa’s post-apartheid history. The EFF is the party of the poor, and if given power by the electorate, it will do what the ruling ANC has failed to do since 1994: provide economic freedom for the poor African majority, at the expense of the predominately white capitalists.

Read further at

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May 032014

There is a more detailed treatment of this question here , but I wish to add some thinking on the question…

The citation link I provided above offers many verses relevant to the issue.  I can add one extract from the Quran, from chapter 36, verses 7-10:

  • The truth has already been manifested to most of them, but they continue to fail to be secure in it
  • We have made their necks braced, up to their chins, so their heads cannot turn
  • We obstructed their front and their rear, and covered them, so they cannot see.
  • It is the same whether you alert them or not, they will not be secure in belief

Does this mean God misguided these folks, and then will go on to punish them?

Firstly, there are numerous verses that state that each soul shall get what it deserves, such as Quran 41.46:  “Whoever does good, it is for his own soul, and whoever does evil, it is against it; and your Lord is not in the least unjust to his servants.”

So let me explain…

It is not God’s will to lead astray and then to punish people, but it is God’s law to maintain and uphold the immutability, i.e. unchangeability of the laws of nature.

This is perhaps difficult, but let me try a bit more, at the hand of an example.

In the book “Our Godly Struggle”, down-loadable from this site, an explanation is given of how smaller actions and thoughts inevitably leads to greater consequences. For example, if you feed yourself a constant diet of pornography, you will cross healthy sexual practice, and end up crossing boundaries.  Carry on feeding yourself sexual imagery and arousal mechanisms, and you may cross into sexual obsession, then sexual deviancy, and then even sexual sadism.  Eventually, the natural form of healthy sexual fulfillment will make way for criminal predatory or self-destructive behavior.


When God states that he has blinded you to the truth, or misguided you, what He is saying is that, due to the path you have chosen to stick to, he has made that reality incumbent or inevitable to you.  HE HAS MADE THE CONSEQUENCES OF REJECTING THE HEALTHY PATH YOUR DESTINY.   In my example, the sexual deviant or predator is blinded or misguided by God, because he or she is rejecting the original healthy course of development, and choosing a shady and murky alternative that is based on satisfying narrow urges.

Now lets read the verses above again:

  • We have made their necks braced, up to their chins, so their heads cannot turn (i.e. We have made them immune to the truth, because of their failure to reason)
  • We obstructed their front and their rear, and covered them, so they cannot see. (i.e. They are frozen in a state of evil, and blinded to anything else, because they refuse to accept reason)
  • It is the same whether you alert them or not, they will not be secure in belief (i.e. as long as they are in this state, nature will take its course, and they will not believe)


God certainly does not do the illogical and sadistic thing to create people, misguide them, and then throw them in hell for being misguided. Instead God creates people, then offers them the best possible way to end up successfully, and also points out that, should we choose the low road of failure, that His natural law will take its course.



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May 032014

Yaa Seen (Y.S.) is the 36th chapter of the Holy Quran and hits to the heart of the message of the prophets.  A powerful call on each person to take God seriously. I translated the original Arabic to English using my own knowledge of Arabic and up to three other commentaries and translations. In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful

  1. Yaa Seen
  2. By the Quran in its wisdom
  3. You are indeed of the messengers
  4. On a straight path
  5. A revelation from the mighty and merciful
  6. For you to alert a people, whose fathers received no alert, so they remained unconscious.
  7. The truth has already been manifested to most of them, but they continue to fail to be secure in it
  8. We have made their necks braced, up to their chins, so their heads cannot turn
  9. We obstructed their front and their rear, and covered them, so they cannot see.
  10. It is the same whether you alert them or not, they will not be secure in belief
  11. Warn only those who fear the unseen all-merciful and give such one glad news of forgiveness and a noble reward.
  12. We indeed revive the dead, while we record what they presented and produced.
  13. Give them the example of the people of a town, when messengers came to it.
  14. When we sent two, which they shunned, and then we bolstered them with a third, and they then said “we are messengers sent to you.”
  15. The people said “You are just ordinary people like us! The most merciful sent nothing. You are simply liars!”
  16. The messengers said:”Our Lord is very much aware that we are sent as messengers”
  17. “Our job is simply to deliver the message loud and clear”
  18. The town people said:”(Take this as) our doomful warning to you  . If you do not stop, we will definitely stone you and make you feel a painful torture.”
  19. The messengers said: “To you there is a doomful warning! (All this) just because you are given a reminder? What a squandering people you are!”
  20. A man came from the far end of the town, pleading “People, follow the messengers!”
  21. ” Follow those that seek no gain from you and are guided”
  22. “Why should I not serve the one that has created me, and to whom I will return?”
  23. “Shall I take for a divine authority, anything other than Him? If the most merciful wanted to bring harm, their intervention will mean nothing to me, and cannot save”
  24. “I will then be completely lost.”
  25. “I am secure in my belief in your lord, so listen!”
  26. (To him) it was said: “Enter bliss!” He said:”Oh my people, if only you could have known!”
  27. “How my lord forgave me and made me of the honorable.”
  28. After him we sent no further hosts from heaven to his people, and never did we ever again send.
  29. It was just a single blast, and they were all obliterated
  30. How sad it is for those in service (of other than Allah). Not a single messenger comes to them that they do not make fun of.
  31. Have they not seen how many generations we destroyed before them and that they cannot return to them?
  32. And that they will all be brought before us
  33. An indicating sign for them is the dead earth, which we revive and then sprout grain from, which they then can eat.
  34. From it we sprouted gardens of palms and grapes, and let water springs come through.
  35. (This all) so they can eat of its fruits, while their hands could not have done this. Are they then not thankful?
  36. Glory to the one who created in dual form everything, all that grows from the earth, from themselves and from things they do not know of.
  37. (Another) indicating sign to them is night time, stripped of daylight, they are left in darkness
  38. The sun runs a pre-determined course; that is in accordance with the will of the one that is mighty and aware.
  39. As for the Moon, we have determined stages, until it comes back to the shape of a dry palm leaf.
  40. The sun cannot catch up with the moon, and neither can night time overtake day time, each of these goes according to a cycle
  41. (Another) indicating sign is that we carried their offspring in a heavily laden vessel.
  42. And for them we made similarly that which they ride on
  43. If we so wished, we could drown them, and there would be no helper for them, and they would go unsaved
  44. Only as a mercy from us, and for a limited time
  45. Then when it is said to them; “ Be cognizant of that which is before and after you, in order to experience grace”
  46. But not a single one of the many signs of their lord reaches them, which they do not turn their backs on.
  47. When it is said to them share some of that which Allah has provided you with, the rejecters say to those secure in belief; “Should we feed those whom, if Allah so willed, He could have fed Himself?” You are in none else but a clearly lost state.
  48. They say:”So when is this promise coming, if you are truthful?”
  49. They will just see a single blast, overcoming them while they are still arguing.
  50. They will not be able to even complete a testament or get back to their family
  51. Then the trumpet blows and they start pouring forth from their graves towards their lord.
  52. Saying: “ Oh goodness! Who awoke us from our place of rest?  This is what the merciful one has promised, and the messengers spoke the truth.”
  53. It takes no more than one blow, and they are all brought in front of us.
  54. This day no-one is wrongly treated, and none is repaid accept for what they did.
  55. The inmates of paradise will this day be joyfully busy.
  56. Along with their partners, they will be reclining on sofas in the shade.
  57. In there, they will have fruits and whatever they ask for.
  58. The word from the merciful lord being: “Peace!”
  59. Transgressors! Separate yourself this day…
  60. Did I not contract with you to not serve Satan? He is indeed your indisputable enemy.
  61. And to serve me.  This is the straight path.
  62. Still he misled so many of you.  Were you not able to use your minds?
  63. Here then is the fire that you used to be warned of.
  64. Enter it today on account of having been rejecters.
  65. On this day their mouths are sealed, and their hands talk to us, and their legs bear witness about what they profited.
  66. If we so wished, we could have taken away their sight, making it hard to see the way. How will they then have seen?
  67. Or if we so wished, we could have frozen them in one place, rendering them unable to move forward or backward.
  68. And those whom we grow old, we enfeeble within creation. Will they then not rationally reflect?
  69. We did not teach him poetry. It would not be befitting for him.  This is nothing but a conscious-raiser and a clear recital.
  70. In order to alert those who really lived, and as a discourse that will count against the rejecters
  71. Do they not observe that, with our handiwork, we created for them cattle, of which they are the masters?
  72. We domesticated these for them, so that they can mount them or consume them as food.
  73. In them they have a source of benefits and a source of liquid nourishment. Will they then not be grateful?
  74. But they took other than Allah as divine authorities, hoping to be helped.
  75. These are not able to provide help. Instead, they rather needed them (the misguided people) as foot soldiers.
  76. So let not their words sadden you. We indeed know what they conceal and what they announce.
  77. Does man not see that we created him from a droplet? But then he still openly contends
  78. And he presents us with metaphorical arguments while forgetting his own creation. Saying “who can revive dried up bones?”
  79. Say:”The one who created them in the first place. He is fully skilled at every type of creation”
  80. “The one who creates for you from a green tree, fire, in order that you can kindle.”
  81. Is not the one who created heavens and earth able to create something similar?  Indeed! For he is the knowledgeable master creator.
  82. His command, if he wishes for something, is just to say to it “Be!”, and it is.
  83. Glory then unto the One, in whose hand is the dominion of everything, and to whom is your return.
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