Dec 192015

How a Nation Self-destructs | Dissident Voice

Nations are made up of people. Nations are only as strong as the bonds between the people. Strong social bonds, strong nation; weak social bonds, weak nation. Social bonds have many elements; the most important element is how much people care about each other. If people do not care about each other, if they have a “screw you, I got mine” attitude and are not willing to help others in need, then a nation is ready to topple at the first sign of significant stress. If people have a strong social bond, they will work together during difficult times and solve all problems.

If a nation’s leaders create enormous amounts of national debt that cannot be paid because good paying jobs have been sent overseas, a weakly bonded nation is doomed to failure when an inevitable bankruptcy and economic collapse occurs.

If just before the national bankruptcy and economic collapse the leaders frighten the people with a real or phony enemy, some people will purchase weapons to protect themselves. Should the financial and economic crash occur, a weakly bonded people might resort to using weapons against each other in an every man for himself situation.

Mission accomplished; nation destroyed.

How to Save a Nation

Open the minds of the people to the fact that everyone is in this together, everyone is different and valuable, everyone is entitled to the necessities of life, including meaningful work with reasonable pay, and all differences should be celebrated rather than fought over.

Then, follow Lao zi’s advice and do nothing and everything gets done. If the people are solidly united and bonded they do not need leaders or instructions, they will naturally do what needs to be done.

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Dec 102015

Donald Trump, contender for Republican candidate for the office of president of the United States has made a call for a moratorium on the entry of Muslims
into the United States. I support and endorse that call, and I’m a committed born Muslim.

Firstly, I salute Trump’s disregard for political correctness, which has become a mere cloak hanger for hypocritical guilt in our times. If we feel guilty
about a societal failing, we merely change its label and feel that justice was done. The social ill or failing then can continue unabatedly. We all know
that Islamophobia is a reality in the world today, the causes of which I will not enter into here. The politically correct response is simply to allow
Islamophobia, without the tag, albeit cloaked in obscure profiling techniques. A Muslim traveller in the West will know what I’m talking about. There is
no “Islamophobia, only excessive searches that always seem to target those with an Arabic sounding name, or with middle-Eastern features. Donald Trump
seems to show the middle finger at all this hypocricy, and I think we can all do with a little less hypocricy in the world today.

Secondly, America needs a real leader for a change, able to speak his mind, and even make mistakes. The world is tired of American presidents wholly owned
by interest groups, be they military-industrial, Zionist or globalist capitalist in nature. Donald Trump’s abandoning of the teleprompter is refreshing for
a change. It makes him human, instead of drone for some clinical process of deciding his words and his opinions for him. I would much rather deal with a
human face, than with a faceless, mysterious backroom committee decision. Dealing with a human face comes at a cost, which is that the person speaking to
you may err from time to time. The good news is that you actually have chance of being listened to.

Now to expand on my opinion. Muslims do not see America as an immediate immigration destination. We share very little of the values which America stands
for today. Muslims are social creatures, while America is indiviualistic. Muslims are religious, and the America of today is becoming less and less
religious. America is nationalistic and highly patriotic, while Muslims have a more global brother and sisterhood ethos. America is colour and race
sensitive, and Muslims are not or at least much less so. America is greedy, choosing often to live and let die while most Muslims are fine with getting by,
and to live and let live. Americans will do well nigh anything that delivers a paycheck. Muslims will rather languish in poverty than accept any paycheck,
especially those in the area of female objectification or male mercenary fields. These factors work contrary to a general desire by Muslims to settle in the
United States.

But Muslims also admire certain elements of Americanism. We admire the American commitment to protecting its own, we love America’s dedication to individual
freedoms, and we value America’s dedication to scientific and technological progress. The last mentioned we are quite able to be enjoy at a distance, and
we need not immigrate to the US to enjoy.

So why should we feel bad when Trump makes his call? Should we feel bad because we lost out on sharing the benefits of Americanism? Certainly not. We are
very able to do that at a distance. Do we feel bad because we feel rejected? We are already rejected by the West, so unless you’ve been living in denial as
a Muslim until now, you should know that your world-view is rejected by America and the West in any case today. Let Trump’s call then be a dose of reality
to shake off your illusions.

But this brings me to the final and critical point. Will Trump match his call for no Muslims into the US with a parallel call for no Americanism in the
Muslim world? As I write, Americans are in alliance and support of every stinking retrogressive dictator that pollutes our beautiful Muslim world. Saudi
Arabia cannot survive a week without being propped up by America. The same goes for all those backward medieval Gulf and north African monarchies (with the
exception of Oman.) Will America, upon banning Muslims from the US, impose a parallel moratorium on the arming and supplying of groups that employ the most
bararous and violent tactics in pursuing its aims in Syria? Will America call a parallel halt to defending Israeli theft of Arab land in the UN? Trump’s
call gives me hope that this could become a reality.

You see, Muslims don’t mind being barred from the US as much as we mind your tinkering, interference and blatant armed invasion of our territories, which,
by the way, precede the event of 11 September 2001. Before 9/11, millions of Iraqi’s, Palestinians, Congolese, Algerians, Indonesians and Iranians
suffered, lost land, lost their livelihood, lost their lives and lost their civil order at the hands of American foreign policy.

Perhaps, it is time to deal with a real President with to strike a real compromise. Donald Trump, by illustrating his disregard for political correctness
and pandering to lobby groups may just be the man we are able to strike a bargain with. I therefore endorse the moratorium on Muslim migration to the US
along with a parallel moratorium on American interference in Muslim lands. If the parallel call cannot be made by Trump, then he represents the worst form
of bigotry and sad

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