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1. Out of the 14.2 million Jewish people in the world, (in 2016), only a minority of 43% reside in Israel.

2. Whilst 75% of Israelis are Jewish, 21% are indigenous Arabs with restricted civil rights.

3. Israel has the highest birth rate in the developed world, with an average of 3 children per woman.

4. The Netanyahu government now receives more than US$6 billion every year from the US congress/ AIPAC lobby i.e. equating to $1000 annually for every Jewish Israeli, courtesy of the American taxpayer.

5. Israel has induced over 500,000 of its citizens to illegally settle in the Occupied Palestinian West Bank and East Jerusalem in an attempt to frustrate the wishes of the UN for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state for five million indigenous Arabs.

6. Israel is the only undeclared nuclear weapon state in the world with a secret stockpile of up to 400 nuclear warheads. It is not a party to the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) to which Europe, America and even Iran, are all subject to by the IAEA inspectorate of the UN.

7. Angela Merkel has unilaterally supplied Israel with a deadly ‘second strike’ nuclear capability in the form of a German-built, Dolphin-class submarine fleet that is now more powerful than anything possessed by the defence forces of France, Britain or Germany, thereby leaving all of Europe dangerously vulnerable.

8. Netanyahu, in a direct challenge to the EU, has this week authorised yet another land grab in the Occupied Territories in breach of the provisions of the Trade Association Agreement with the EU thereby inviting the imposition of tariffs against Israeli exports to the European single market.

9. According to published statistics, Israel is the most dangerous place for any Jewish person to live compared to Britain, France, United States or Canada.

10. The father of the current Israeli Prime Minister, was personal secretary to Vladimir Zhabotinsky, the founder of Irgun, a Revisionist Zionist paramilitary organisation. Two of the operations for which the Irgun is best known are the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem on 22 July 1946 and the DeirYassin massacre, carried out together with Lehi on 9 April 1948.

* All the above factual information is verifiable and available within the public domain

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welath poverty

There are many religions practiced in the world today. There are also neo-religious philosophies such as Neo-Atheism and Scientism. I have found a surprisingly high level of commonality between the core assumptions and beliefs of all of their adherents. By saying this, I have to add that present-day religious followers may not even be aware of how similar their beliefs and assumptions about the world are. I hear some of you vehemently disagreeing with me. Keep in mind though that it is possible for people to be at war with each other and still adhere to the same core values. My point is that religious differences have actually reached a level of superficiality in the world today.

I hear you asking me what about religious fundamentalism from ISIS and their equivalents. My own position is that ISIS is a movement aimed at transferring power through using religious sentiments and a religious programme. Zionism, similarly was a movement aimed at securing power for Jewish power brokers, more than it was a religious movement. The religious element was contributory and supportive, and not core to the goal of achieving a power base.

So I repeat there are core assumptions commonly shared by the Muslim, the Jew and the rest. Here are some of these common assumptions:

Fatalism: Most people, from all major religions have resigned themselves completely to some or other fatalistic view of the world. Speak to a Muslim, a Jew or a Christian and you will sense a high level of acceptance of, even a resigning to our world and a fundamental acceptance that he or she is really powerless to change it. This “inevitability” of the way the world is, is subscribed to by almost all. People are happy to go along with the way the world is evolving or devolving. If you mention poverty, hardship, debt, inequality, crime, war, personal depression and disease, which are all at crisis levels, you find a sense of detachment from the problem by most. People display a clear attitude of powerlessness, whether Muslim, Christian, Atheist or Jew. This powerlessness, manifested in indifference, cannot be described other than being a form of fatalistic acceptance of the world.

Absence of reflectiveness and spirituality: Religions have become social formations rather than centers of wisdom, reflection and spirituality. I agree that there are plenty of religious practices that involve personal ecstasy and devotion to charismatic figures and events. The question is, to what extent does the singing in the church, the gospel industry, the Hajj industry, the Halaal industry or the attachment to charismatic priests reflect reflectiveness and spirituality? I am of course referring to the majority of adherents today, not all. To most, spirituality, deeper reflection and meditation over the world and our own role in it, is sadly non-existent.

Respect for and yielding to the powers that be: Whether that power is just or unjust. All religious adherents refrain from declaring as illegitimate rulers that uphold systems that are unjust. Some may be involved in futile and impotent processes of rotating rulers, but the basic ruling class almost always goes unchallenged. The attitude of people reflects an attitude of complacency with their rulers, and a childlike trust of the ruler or at least the ruling class.

Submission to popular norms, behavior and practices: Consumerism, personal propulsion, and individualism are every bit as part of Saudi society, as it is of Israeli, British or Chinese society. It may just be more pronounced in classical Western societies, but believe me; the Muslim is as keen to form part of these modern social phenomena as the Jew or the Hindu for that matter. We all willingly submit to the latest politically correct speech or practices. Our behavior is virtually shaped by those who speak to us every second of the day through popular art and the media. Arabic music, Hindu Muslic and Western music are a case in point. Music from all of these cultures generally reflects frivolousness at its best or debauchery at its worse.


All of this makes me realize that the world has in fact in recent times morphed into a one-religion world. Deep within, almost all of us share the same core assumptions and values. We accept our sick global reality as the unalterable way of nature, our corrupt ruling classes as unchallengable, and our only real goal to be that of establishing ourselves firmly in positions of wealth and comfort. We revere the same things and we aspire to the same things. That makes us common adherents of the global establishment. Anyone who stands up and questions the king, the corporate controllers or the state is regarded as a heretic to the accepted order.

But that leads me to a further deduction, namely that we have embraced the unequal, corrupt and cruel world order we all experience. We accept the benevolence of the billionaire classes and the corporations, in their hold over our leaders (elected or not.) We (perhaps subconsciously) blame the poor for his poverty, the victim of war for the war, the debt slave for his debt or the refugee for the civil strife that turned him into a refugee. We have embraced indifference to the injustice that has befallen our world. Very few of us see our role as that of activists needing to overthrow the system. We may raise a polite objection but very rarely a radical programme to challenge the system.

What I witness has much in common with the Hindu caste system which makes it a religious principle to embrace social inequality and neglect. The Brahman at the top of the hierarchy decides what constitutes virtuous behavior for all people, and the poor despised Untouchable at the bottom has no other choice than to wallow in his misery as a life-long curse. The Brahman is innately virtuous and pure, receiving their guidance from God alone. The Untouchable is impure, superfluous and a burden on society.

According to Hinduism, in the middle, one finds the rulers, the merchants, the farmers and the labourers. All in service of the Brahman. The question is: Who are the Brahman in the new world order?

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“Fields of Blood”

Armstrong, one of today’s leading historians of religion, and author of The Case for God, considers the roles violence has played in different faiths. Tracing the roots of Crusades, Jihads, and various non-violent practices, Armstrong looks back to humanity’s earliest societies and shows how notions of the sacred were accommodated to or supplanted the warrior ethos.

“The Theology of Revolution”

“The theology of revolution — for Western people, that sounds almost a contradiction in terms,” author Karen Armstrong said.

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The House Of Saud Is A Western Plot To Control The Middle East

by Sean Adl-Tabatabaiyournewswire.com
January 6

The House of Saud isn’t exactly what it appears to be, as the Saudi Arabia royal family was actually born out of a zionist Western plot to exert control over the Middle East on behalf of the UK and U.S.

The west wished to dominate the Arabian Peninsula, with its vast oil reserves and geopolitical advantages offered by its highly sought after location, and they have done exactly that.

Stateofthenation2012.com reports:

The original conspiracy to dominate the Arabian Peninsula was hatched by a rogue Zionist clan that murdered and killed, pillaged and plundered, bribed and blackmailed its way to the top of the Arabian heap.  That’s not to say the various nomadic tribes that populated the land were in rife competition to rule the Arabian roost.  They were not, which is why the crypto-Zionist imposters were able to execute their scheme to take over the peninsula.

The plot was implemented over many years in the midst of unsuspecting Muslim nomadic tribes whose primary concern was the survival of their roving communities. Only with this historical knowledge can the barbaric ways of the Saudi Arabia of today be properly understood.

It’s as though the whole Middle East is being methodically set up to host the final battle of Armageddon.  Not a day goes by without some major event that can easily evolve into a full-blown World War III scenario.  The ongoing regional war actually began with the unlawful attack on Iraq by the USA and UK post 9/11.  Subsequently the AAA-engineered Arab Spring brought revolution and civil war to virtually every other nation with the purpose of so destabilizing the region that the Greater Israel project would proceed with unimpeded.  The NWO globalist cabal that is implementing the New World Order agenda has a specific schedule which must be adhered to if there is any prospect of success.  Given that the regular Shemitah events did not occur during September and October of 2015 , they are already seriously behind schedule.  (Source: http://themillenniumreport.com)

Sunni versus Shiite

The single most important element of this engineered multi-century global conflict is the never-ending family feud within Islam.  The split between the two largest Islamic denominations — Sunni and Shiite — forms the basis for so much internecine conflict which was then surreptitiously exploited by the West. The Anglo-American power structure recognized early on that Mideast oil would be the primary source of oil to run their economies.  Once that realization was made, both the USA and UK set about the process of securing those supplies by every means possible.

The establishment of the Modern State of Israel was integral to the Anglo-American strategy to exert total command and control over the entire Middle East.  Toward that end Saudi Arabia has been used as the “800 pound gorilla” that effectively controls OPEC, the largest oil cartel on Earth.  Being the recipient of decades of American military hardware and weaponry, the monarchy now possesses a formidable fighting machine as well.

The critical point here is that the present monarchy was set up as a rogue nation that profoundly oppresses it citizens as it represses elements of society that are out of sync with their extremist form of Wahhabism.  Consequently, the unelected government has been consistently empowered to operate as a totalitarian state in every way.  It tolerates no opposition to its autocratic manner of governance and arbitrarily dictates perhaps like no other tyranny on the planet.  In short Saudi Arabia is consistently the worst perpetrator of human, civil, and religious rights violations in the world community of nations.

King Salman: Madman of the House of Saud

Saudi Arabia has made several serious mistakes under the leadership of the year-old regime of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.  This particular monarch is already known for his madness, so many bizarre and crazy things have occurred on his watch.  Many wonder if it is really not his son, the Defense Minister and Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, who is really running the show with an iron fist.  In either case Saudi Arabia has left the reservation of civil society by their inhumane actions and reckless inactions over the past 12 months.

So many unacceptable events have occurred in just a year’s time which clearly indicate that Saudi Arabia has quite deliberately cast itself as an extremely violent and unpredictable nation.

This reputation for savagery has been quite meticulously cultivated in order that the populace will not organize a countrywide uprising.  It has also been fastidiously fashioned in order to create a ‘new’ no-nonsense image for the ‘benefit’ of the international community.  Especially by flexing its muscles in Yemen, Saudi Arabia has shown the world that the current regime will not hesitate to commit naked acts of military aggression against civilian populations of foreign countries.  The PR purposes associated with the outright annihilation of Houthi woman and children in Yemen have been particularly shocking and deliberate in this regard.

Fanatical Wahabbism and the Creation of ISIS

However, perhaps the best way to understand the true forces behind the Saudi Arabian dictatorship is to grasp the Wahhabi roots of ISIS terrorism and the extremist Islamic State (IS).  By and large the quasi Sunni branch of fundamentalist Islam known as the Wahhabi are nothing other than trained terrorists who staff the terrorist organizations and armies of ISIL.  As a matter of fact, they have nothing to do with real Islam and were created to bring disrepute to that religion.  The original Daesh are in fact Wahhabi educated and acculturated.  This multi-decade conspiracy to destroy Islam from within was designed in the same world capitals that fabricated and foisted the Modern State of Israel (MSI) on the world–the Vatican, London and Washington.

Wahhabism is the most militant and fraudulent form of fundamentalist Islam in the world today.  In reality, it is not Islam, but a highly distorted variant that was manufactured in the Vatican, London and Washington, D.C. as well as Tel Aviv after Israel was first acknowledged by the United Nations in 1948.  Because the USA and UK played such an integral part in the formation of Wahhabism their clandestine partnership with the Saudi Arabian monarchies has been carefully hidden.  Likewise, until very recently, Israel’s furtive relationship with Saudi Arabia has also been kept quite secret.  In this way the U.S. and U.K., Israel and Saudi Arabia (SA) have been perpetrating a massive and complex deception on the world-at-large.

The end result of this geopolitical stratagem is the creation and maintenance of ISIS terrorism, ISIL armies and the emerging caliphate of Islamic State.  It is only with the material and moral support provided by all four co-conspirators — US, UK, MSI, SA — that the Islamic State is able to exist to any degree of cohesion.  Likewise, only through the direct support of the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD and GID (aka the General Intelligence Directorate in Saudi Arabia*) has ISIS been able to systematically steal Syria’s and Iraq’s oil and then transport it uninhibited to both Turkey and Israel.

Of course, all of these Mideast ‘initiatives’ are only a part of a much greater scheme known as the Greater Israel project.  That project, however, has experienced a major interruption the form of Russia’s entry into the Syrian theater of war.  Not only has that covert conspiracy to significantly enlarge Israel’s borders been fully exposed by the Russian military, it has been effectively halted … for now.   Nevertheless, ISIS & Company continue to sow their seeds of chaos and mayhem throughout the Northern Levant, all to the advantage of Israel and their Anglo-Americn collaborators.

Unjustified and Barbarous Execution of Prominent Shiite Cleric

The previous background is essential in order to correctly understand the most recent inflammatory act of the Saudi Monarchy.  The regime has quite provocatively executed a very prominent Shiite cleric at a time when tensions throughout the Middle East are already extremely high.  Such an offensive state-sponsored assassination could only have been approved by their Anglo-American masters.  Hence, it is clear that this high-profile murder was designed to push the Mideast into a full-scale war scenario.

There was simply no other reason to kill the highly respected Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr except to provoke the Shiite people of Iran and other countries that have large Shiite populations.  Put another way, if there was one individual in Saudi Arabia who should have been protected at all costs, the good Sheikh is that person so revered is he throughout the Arabian peninsula and beyond.  Therefore, there can be no doubt that this was a carefully planned and staged execution carried out in order to inflame the tensions between all Shiites and Sunnis in the region.

Saudi Arabia was chosen to commit this atrocious deed because it is already inoculated to public opinion both within country and internationally.  This is why the regime is publicly castigated for it human rights record and many acts of barbarity.  Sharia law as it is carried out in Saudi Arabia is the most cruel form of any that is administered around the globe.  It is as though they aggressively promote such an image of brutality so that they can always get away with it.  The world has come to expect nothing more form them.

As for the execution of the Shiite Sheikh, that exceedingly provocative act has now succeeded in ramping up tensions between Shiite Iran and the many Sunni-dominated countries within Saudi Arabia’s orbit.  Nations are now, in rapid succession, proclaiming their allegiance to the Saudi cause against Iran, particularly in the wake of the destruction of the Saudi Arabian embassy.  In view of the Saudi invasion of Yemen those lesser states are quite easy to herd into the Wahhabi pen of unwarranted aggression toward Iran and her allies.

All of this provocation and anticipated reaction was quite calculated on the part the Anglo-American Axis(AAA).  Because the AAA has the full military strength of NATO behind it, there is no nation in the Middle East that will stand up to the Saudi aggression.  Both Turkey (a NATO nation) and Saudi Arabia have become key partners in the thorough destruction of Syria for the sake of their participation in the Greater Israel project.  After all, both nations have been led by governments whose key leaders have been hardcore but secret Zionists and well as Dönmeh cryto-Zionists.

2016 and Beyond

2016 will prove to be the greatest year of consequence in the Middle East and beyond.  Only if the BRICS-aligned nations can prevent full-scale war from breaking out will the global community of nations have overcome a major hurdle toward some type of world peace.  It is actually a cessation global conflict which may be achieved, not a true durable peace.  As long as the Anglo-American Axis[2]continues to dominate the world through military aggression and political coercion, false flag terrorism and gunboat diplomacy, financial terrorism and economic sabotage, there can never be a true peace.

Now that Turkey and Saudi Arabia have been exposed as agents of the AAA who are working in league with Israel, the political calculus of the Mideast geopolitical chessboard has been completely rearranged.  Fortunately the new board positions has Russia in the “King” position with Iran playing the “Queen”.  The USA has revealed itself to be a state sponsor of ISIS terrorism and aggression.  Great Britain has likewise shown itself to equally duplicitous and untrustworthy.  Former PM Tony Blair was especially transparent in his unlawful quest to wage an illegal war against Iraq.

The same AAA players followed the same basic subversion playbook and war plan in Iraq, Libya and Syria.  And they fully intend to complete the Mideast sweep by eventually going after Iran.  Their only problem is the BRICS Alliance.  Which is precisely why so many BRICS members have become the target of various endeavors to economically and financially, politically and socially destabilize their nations.  Brazil is that last to succumb to outside political and financial meddling pushing the country into a deep recession.


The best thing that can occur in 2016 is that the Western powers will experience an event so unforeseen and preoccupying that they will be forced to withdraw their troops from their hundreds of military bases around the world.  The endless interference by the Anglo-American Axis is so disruptive that only when it is finally terminated will the planet experience any meaningful order.

Conversely, the reign of the once Almighty Dollar must come to an end.  America’s global dominance has hinged on the petrodollar functioning as the world reserve currency.  As each nation leaves the Yankee slave plantation, which was painstakingly established using the IMF and World Bank to turn countries into indentured servants, the AAA loses the dollar-denominated financing necessary to fuel its war machine.

Now that Saudi Arabia (and Turkey) have been revealed as vassal states created to do the bidding the Zio-Anglo-American juggernaut, the world will no longer be deceived by their Mideast posturing.  Israel’s true intentions have also been laid bare for all to see.  This is why the Arab Spring was carried out so quickly and countries fell like flies.  All of them are to be either subsumed in the future Greater Israel or will be compelled to assist with its advancement.

From yournewswire.com

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Talmudism is as far from Judaism as Salafist is from Islam. The Talmud is the grand achievement of generations of Jewish priests to mentally enslave the Jewish people. Similarly Salafism is a grand achievement of generations of Muslim priests to intimidate and mentally enslave the Muslim peoples. Both of them succeeded in corrupting their host religions to the point of conquering the very hearts of most adherents to those two religions. I wonder how many of you realize that both of these corruptions emanate from the same region in Babylon or what is today known as Iraq. When the Jews were driven out of Palestine by the Romans around 70 AD, they set up shop in Babylon. This marks the period of the exile, when the Talmud started being developed. The Sanhedrin priestly class, who gave Jesus Christ (P) hell, once exiled by Rome, decided to lay the foundation for modern Judaism through its development of the Talmud. A few centuries later, when the followers of Muhammad (P) entered this territory, the Jewish Priests were well-advanced on the path of creating their new religious mind control system.
The Muslim “Salaf” revered by Salafism flourished in the same region, heavily influenced by Jewish Talmudic ideas. A few very obvious Muslim practices, completely alien to the teachings of the Holy Quran, found its way into the law corpus of the Muslims. The practice of stoning the adulterer, the excesses in dietary rules, the killing of the apostate and extreme xenophobia all became equally absorbed within Muslim law. The first Abbasid period of Islam represents a shunning of Salafist extremism and a flourishing of rational thinking. Jewish Talmudism similarly found it hard to flourish under pagan Rome, and even more so under Christian Rome.
The late 11th century sees the opening of the gates of hell for humanity. This period sees the ascent of the Northmen to the English throne, and also the grabbing of the Muslim heartland by Seljuk Salafist Turks. Interestingly, some of the original Seljuks leaders trace their origin to Khazaria. Khazaria had become Talmudic Jewish a century earlier. The current foul cocktail of barbaric greed and religious extremism and chauvinism were implanted and fully virulent in Middle Earth as well as in Europe by the end of the 11th century.
This pungent mix enveloped the Muslim world and laid waste to whatever good was produced by the founders of Islam in the 7th and 8th centuries. It made several attempts on the European heartland in the following centuries, but was successfully repelled by Christian Europe. Only in Spain were the Arab Moors able to establish a foothold early on. The seat of Christian Europe was eventually overrun by the barbarians in the 15th century with the fall of Constantinople.
Internal rot and corruption brought down the Ottoman empire by the end of the 19th century. Sadly though, this was too late to prevent a flanking of Europe by the barbaric Normans and the Talmudic Khazars which happened in a century earlier in 1789. The French Revolution marks the point of meeting between Northern European plunderers and Ashkenazi Khazarian Talmudists. When Napoleon opened the gates of the Ghetto’s in Europe he let out the greatest beast ever seen by mankind. The years following the French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars are the years when the modern day predatory banking system was perfected. The Talmudic, xenophobic, religious bigots of Khazaria used this period to establish themselves in London and across Europe.
The 19th century is the time of consolidation of the Talmudic bankers in alliance with the Norman gangsters. The British provided the muscle and Talmudic Askenazi’s provided the brains. Power had officially shifted from the Turks to the Northern European Anglo Saxons.
Military prowess would never have been enough to sustain global control. That was where the Talmudist theology of Satan came in handy. In the late 1800s Talmudism was baptised with a new name: Zionism. The control over the world’s currency and gold reserves was used by Zionism to establish a new global Satanic theology of racism, excess, arrogance and greed. Modern day Political Correctness is nothing else but a new form of satanic piety, in line with global satanic designs. The Westerner is a completely duped subject of this satanic empire. Just as being a good Muslim means paying homage to the Salaf, the good Westerner has to pay homage to Israel. The nonsensical claim that millions of Jews died in World War 2 is used as the ultimate guilt extortion to subdue everyone in the West. This notwithstanding the fact that tens of millions of Christian Germans, Russians and Muslims and even Confucianists died in Word War 2.
America is a rabid wolf on Talmudic steroids. The fate of America, if Americans fail to awaken, will be the same as Ottoman Turkey. The rest of the world must decouple itself from Talmudic Satanism view if we are to save this planet. The Jews are not the only upholders of Talmudism. Every Salafist Muslim and every Christian Zionist shares in maintaining the Empire of Satan today.
The call of our time, is the call to abandon Satan, and to revert back to civilisation and human brotherhood and sisterhood.

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Those terrible Northmen came from the frozen North to usurp, to destroy and to cause endless pain to the more cultured and civilised world. Their violent heartless raids were characterised by one feature, namely, assuming for themselves the right to dispossess others of their rightful lands and property at whatever cost to the victim. In the Northman’s barbaric mindset, the victim‘s resistance was unjustified and offensive. Few people realize that we in the more civilised world have been facing this northern menace for the past 1200 years.

I hear you asking me where I get the right to claim membership of the “civilised world” so let’s deal with that question quickly. What is civilisation anyway? I hear you ask. Prominent thinkers offer the following as attributes of a civilised person: absence of lying, respecting the property and persons of others, compassion and respect. The typical Northman lacked all of the above and manifested the exact opposite. Disregard for the lives and property of other, deceiving and breaking oaths and agreements, heartless cruelty and extreme chauvinism all undoubtedly place the Northmen in the category of the uncivilised barbarian.

The ancient holy scriptures speak of the terror of uncivilised northern barbarian by the names Gog and Magog. They foretell the supreme challenge they would pose to civilised humanity when they would one day break out of their frozen wilderness. This official breaking out of the wilderness took place in the year 911 when Rollo the Norman Viking was allowed to settle with his people in Normandy. Their settlement of Normandy followed a compromise that took place after endless resistance by the successors of the great European hero king Charlemagne to Northmen atrocities and usurpation. Although the compromise gave them a foothold in heartland Europe it did not stop their wolf-like greed and plunder. 150 Years after gaining Normandy in Europe, William the Conqueror, leader of the Northmen (now called the Normans) also known as The William the Bastard, crossed the English Channel and took control of England. The dynasty he founded to rule over England endures until this very day.

Their spirit of endless war continued from Britain as their new command station, to this day. Initially it was neighbours France, Scotland and Ireland that suffered most at their hands. There were the Scottish wars of independence (remember William Wallace) and the 100-year war with France (remember Joan of Arc). The greatest victory however, that marks the final consolidation of Northman conquest, happened at Waterloo in Belgium in 1815 however. This is the year that the greatest challenge to British hegemony since medieval times, France, was finally defeated. The history of France since 1815 is a sad history of cow-towing to the wishes of Britain. The years from 1815 to 1914 are a period of consolidating Europe under British hegemony.
A threatened shifting of power to Germany was effectively checked in 1919 in a war that was called the Great War. Germany, as the most advanced country on earth, was severely dealt with and reduced to ruins. The Great War (1914 – 1919) also opened up new vistas for Britain as the carriers of the Northman adventurist spirit. 1919 Also marks the destruction of the Ottoman Empire which ruled over the vast heartland of the Arabs, and the destruction of the Austro-Hungarian empire that ruled the vast Eastern European expanses. Hegemony over the entire globe suddenly became a real prospect. The treaties that were signed in the aftermath of the war were aimed at just that. The Sykes-Picot agreement carved up the ex-Ottoman ruled Arab world between European powers. The Treaty of Versailles was aimed at keeping Germany down. The League of Nations, formed under British tutelage consolidated the Anglo-Saxon hegemony. But 1919 also marks the shifting of the seat of military power further west to the United States of America as the illegitimate problem child of British imperialism. The Normans, who became the British, now became simply became known as “The West”.

America showed its mettle when a resurgent Germany was finally put down with its help in a second great war from 1939 to 1945. The outcomes of Word War 2 were favourable but complex to the West. Because Russia’s help was needed in bringing Germany down, they expected something in return. At Yalta, the victors settled the division of the European spoils and the British/Americans grudgingly conceded Eastern Europe to Russia. This concession was to haunt the Western usurper alliance to this day. Russia was a marriage of convenience that soon started to irritate the usurpers. To deal with it, the West very quickly morphed itself into a new alliance, called the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO), with which they assumed a new hostile posture towards Russia. Russia could however not be “dealt” with as with Germany or Japan. There was the small problem of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), brought about by the obtaining of nuclear weapons by both sides. The most barbaric single act in human history that was committed in 1945 in Hiroshima, Japan, left the world stunned as to the capacity of the Northmen / British / West to inflict pain and destruction to achieve their goals of conquest and usurpation. It made Russia and others realize that the Western foe was not to be faced scantily prepared. The nuclear arms race between 1945 and 1990 was the result of this realisation.
Russia experienced a changing of the guard in 1990 when the West agitated for regime change in that country. The regime-change succeeded in the short term when a drunkard named Boris Yeltzin assumed the reigns to the delight of the West. Their joy was abruptly ended when a new Napoleon Bonaparte surfaced in the form of Vladimir Putin while Yeltzin drank himself to death. Russian pride was restored under Putin, and its Christian character rediscovered.

A parallel development within the conquered Arab and Muslim worlds was the emergence of movements that sought the destruction of Western Imperialism. The most effective of these was the Islamic Revolution in Iran, which mounted a comprehensive ideological and military response to Western barbarity since 1979. The new Persian leadership of the Islamic resistance differed with other Arab-based responses in their level of shrewdness in confronting Western lies and propaganda. The years from 1979 until present day 2016 see the continuous spreading of influence of Iran throughout the Middle Earth region.

NATO as the modern day incarnation of the dreaded Northmen barbarians now face probably the biggest threat it ever did in all of its infamous centuries of being a menace to the civilised world. The threat is two-fold: 1. Revolt within its own borders. The citizens within the Western Empire have shown increased dissatisfaction with the ruthlessness and the greed of their masters. Economic crises, falling living standards and loss of security resulting from blow-back from foreign invasions all work together to create more discontent with citizens within the empire than ever before, at a scale never seen before. 2. The alliance between Asia, Russia, Middle-Earth and major parts of the South presents a military and economic foe, unmatched in scale throughout history. The presence of nuclear weapons throughout the anti-Imperialist alliance makes a direct full-frontal attack a difficult option. The option, before military confrontation, used by the Western usurpers has therefore been primarily agitation, trouble-stirring, conniving with weak puppet states and attacking weak non-aligned countries.

Will 2016 be the year that sees the collapse of the barbarian West? As we speak, other barbarian elements have acquired equal cruelty and licence to usurp and to inflict pain. The Salafist brand of Islam represents the new beast that was fomented by continuous dehumanisation of Muslims in their own lands. The problem is that Salafism has a pool of almost two billion Muslims to recruit from, over 50 million of which already reside within Western borders. The redemption of the world will lie in the hands of the forces of civilisation. As the West is torn apart by internal revolutions, suppression and Salafist blow-back, it will be left to the BRICKS, the Axis of Islamic Resistance (Iran/Yemen/Lebanon/ Syria/Iraq) joined hopefully by Egypt, Pakistan and non-imperialist America and Europe to restore justice to mankind. Let us pray that the scourge of NATO barbarity is finally ended starting right now.

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