May 152016


The owners and controllers of the mass media are the high priests of our time. Their claims of truth dominate our behavior.  Their grand narrative serves as the intellectual cage within which every free citizen is held captive intellectually.  The corporate owned mass media represent the high priests of our time; the devil priests, the Pharisees; the traders in fear and dread and the soul enslavers.   They are those who are forever making and enforcing absolute truth claims that are riddled with inconsistencies.  They are those who locate sectional interests in glorious golden holy frames.  They are those who claim that the best interests of the elite few are also the best interests of society.

The grand priests have been the bane of society at many a time in human history.  The high priests peddle in fear; fear of the punishment for disobeying them and fear of the consequences for society should their narrative be abandoned by society.  They harness that most powerful instinct in every human being, namely to flee in the face of mortal danger.

They use fear firstly to keep us obedient to their lies.  Those high priests of the dark and middle ages used torture and excommunication.  The Pharisees of the time of Jesus Christ used the cross and delivery to the wrath of the Roman authorities.  The high priests of Islam used and still use “takfeer” (declaring of apostacy), followed by the “fatwa” as judicial murder.  In our enlightened world, the mass media have acquired new tools of submission through fear, namely social stigmatization, social exclusion, career destruction, economic annihilation and finally, when all else fails, legitimating targeted airstrikes and regime change.

Then there is the dread they instill in society for the apocalyptic consequences should society deviate from their narrative.  The devil priest promises an apocalypse of biblical proportions to those who question their truth claims.  Unlike the apocalypse of the medieval and Saudi priests, who peddle in an apocalypse and eternal damnation in the afterlife, the secular priest promises damnation and apocalypse in this world. They caution against subverting the elite as an act of endangering the balance and stability of the entire world.  .  The secular satanic order promises nuclear apocalypse from Iran, mass slaughter and mayhem of the middle class from the poor and downtrodden and economic collapse and mass suffering should the global banking system be challenged or overthrown.  That is the damnation that the secular priests wield as the consequence of challenging their truth.

A small bit of critical reflection reveals the falsehood of the modern secular priestly order.  Their narrative is a false narrative because of its many clear irrationalities and internal contradictions.   Freedom of choice is holy and untouchable, but the state legislates to control the legitimate personal choices of every individual.  The state should serve as a defender of the weak, but the strong own the state. Freedom is sacred, but people spend a lifetime in employment and debt bondage.  Upward social mobility is used to motivate us, but the economy demands a race to the bottom.  Justice, personal well-being, education and security are guaranteed, but only to those who can afford it.  Question anything, except that which has been declared as unspoken truths by those who control the grand narrative.

You know it’s wrong when it contradicts itself.  That’s a simple rule of thumb.  Now let me present you with the most profound contradictions of our time.

Contradiction number one:  A secular western world, with a religious devotion to the pirate criminal entity called Israel, founded on biblical justifications.  A secular democratic western world with a deep commitment to standing with and defending a medieval barbaric absolutist hereditary monarchy called Saudi Arabia.  The high priest global media narrative skirts around this colossal contradiction every day and makes it seem as normal as the sun coming up in the morning.  The shapers of social convention make it a taboo to preach religion, yet make it an article of faith to accept Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Contradiction number two:   A Western World that preaches freedom of speech and personal choice, which has on its legal statutes a banning of any questioning of certain sacred topics.  In Europe, hundreds of peaceful people, including academics have been sent to jail, or ruined financially for daring to revise aspects of the grand narrative around Jewish deaths during World War 2.  In America it is offensive to the point inviting social damnation to present any claim that Jewish power control’s America, and yet the same dealers in damnation use every opportunity to denounce minorities that exercise inordinate control in any other contexts.

The secular priestly order, as a means of ensuring that such damnation is never visited upon humanity, establishes, in all of our minds, its justification for the most gruesome punishment of vengeance against those who question their truth.  The slaying of the innocent in Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan and in Syria is all perfectly justified as a means of defending the global order from collapse.  The simple, but false message is: if Israel suffers, we all suffer; a nuclear Iran is a threat to Israel and Saudi Arabia and therefore a threat to all of us; fulfilling to the social needs of the masses will endanger the national economy, and therefore will endanger all of us; and also, the global economic and banking system is virtue incarnate.

The warping of the human sense of morality has reached its zenith under the satanic order.  Only in our times has the killing of animals become a cause of greater anguish than the killing of infants and children.  Only in our time has sexual perversion become a pursuit more desirable than personal dignity.   Only in our time has the liberation and empowerment of the female gender of our species become synonymous with the sexual manipulation and objectification of that part of the species.   Only in our time have wars of plunder, dispossession and slaughter become cloaked in humanitarian terms.   Only in our time has procreation, motherhood and the family been declared as retrogressive and backward, whilst same-sex unions, mass abortions and prostitution are declared as noble causes.

To save our world, and to save our very humanity, the global mass media that serves as the satanic priestly order of our time must be eradicated.  By the global mass media I mean every script that is written and delivered via a corporate news bulletin, movie or other mass broadcast, aimed at reinforcing the false grand narrative. I also mean every voice that seeks to subvert the real rights of humanity in favor of the false needs of the global elite.   That includes every comedy that turns good human values into objects of ridicule;  every movie that turns the female into a sex object and the pervert into a hero; every news item that forwards justification for the slaughter of innocents; every commentator that preaches that meeting social survival needs of all the people is unrealistic economically and every attractive male or female actor or public personality that uses an animated voice and fake sincerity to try to pacify us into accepting that the powerful in society only mean us well.

We must all become apostates of the satanic order.  We must all embrace their excommunication and their economic persecution and return them their favor.   The brave will lead the way and suffer the consequences of stigmatization, economic ruin, incarceration and even martyrdom.  But the martyrs, the economically ruined and the stigmatized will hopefully light the way for the rest of us with less courage to follow. Let us become proud targets of their attack, and target them back.  Let us become proud of being objects of controversy and, in return, drown them in controversy.  Let us bravely expose the order of Satan and become tools for its eradicating, with the hope that we are clearing the way for true humanity to be reborn.