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The Zaidi Creed as a rational Godly belief system

This book is still in process of being finally edited by me.  You can download the draft.  This book offers a collection of traditional writings on rational Zaidism, which is arguably the first attempt at clarifying Islam in rational terms.  The book contains over 300 pages and is really worth reading.


South africa inc – the oppenheimer empire – searchable pdf

An exposition of the grip that one company has over an entire country.


Hawking, Stephen – Public Lectures – Space And Time Warps



Explores the differences between Sunni Islam and Shi’ite Islam.  The book steers away from the polemics that characterize the usual coverage of this topic.


An approach to the study of the quran.pdf


Islam and the theory of interest.pdf


 Quran Arabic & English PDF for tabs with 4:3 aspect ratio  (pdf size 11.7 Meg)

An Arabic PDF Quran file with in-line English translation by Yusuf Ali, optimised for 4:3 tablets, (or in landscape for large 16:9 aspect ratio screens.)  The Arabic text is large enough to use for ritual recital, while the English follows immediately after each Arabic verse, which means less jumping one’s eyes around the page when reading the Arabic and the English translation.


Quran – Arabic & English for tabs with 16:9 aspect ratio (pdf size  5.8 Meg)

Another  Quran PDF with Arabic & English specially made to fit perfectly on tabs with 16:9 aspect ratio. Translation by Yusuf Ali.  Easy-to-read-Arabic.

This PDF has Indo-Pak Arabic script, with English neatly placed below each verse.  Also has an active index (click on chapter, and it takes you there.)


Responses to 25 Questions from an Islamophobe (1 Meg file)

Full responses to common slanderous accusations against the Quran and the Prophet Muhammad S

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